January 13, 2017

Contactually Named in Swanepoel Power 200


Every year, Stefen Swanepoel's firm names the top 200 leaders, movers, shakers, and all around trendsetters in the real estate industry. Past honorees have included leaders from realtors.com, Zillow, Realogy and HomeServices of America. Swanepoel notes that countless debates, research and discussion goes into the final list of 200 and those that are chosen are picked because of what they've contributed to the real estate industry. "We aim to hold a mirror up to the industry, reflecting residential real estate back to itself by noting who wields the most power and influence (and in what order), whether by position, personal power, employee count, reputation and trajectory."

Beyond the Power 200

This year, in addition to their annual Power 200 list, Swanepoel created a few new supplemental lists alongside the Power 200 of folks that shouldn't be left out or forgotten. These four lists are the 20 Under 40, the Trendsetters, the Social Influencers, and the Outside Powers. If you check out the Trendsetters list, you'll find our very own CEO and Co-Founder Zvi Band right there at the top.

What it means to be a trendsetter

Swanepoel's criteria for the trendsetters they named on the list were "innovators, dealmakers, and movers-and-shakers who made a noteworthy impact over the last year." Zvi is in good company here and you'll find everyone from Conor McCluskey, the Founder and CEO of BombBomb, to Amber Taufen, the Editor-in-Chief at Inman, and Chris Drayer, the founder of Revaluate on the list. All of these folks have found innovative ways to implement technology into the lives of real estate agents to make their day-to-day more productive, the lead process smoother, and their industry news up to date.

This is a major acknowledgment of the work we've been doing in the real estate industry and the exciting work we've got in the pipeline and as Zvi noted, "we are usually not very focused on awards here, but being included by Swanepoel is a great recognition for our team and customers. We are working towards an ambitious vision, and truly believe we are at the very beginning of our story."

Download the Power 200

Grab your copy of the Power 200 list and check out who's on it. It's a great source for getting to know the industry leaders and helpful in evaluating the trends and technology you should keep your eye on in 2017. Plus, it's a super easy way to supplement your list of real estate influencers that you follow on Twitter or other social media. Don't forget to give Zvi a shout on Twitter and congratulate him!