July 31, 2012

Contactually July 2012 user stats check-in

Charts and graphs. Graphs and charts. We hope you like data, because in this stat check in, we have a cornucopia of colorful graphs and the breakdown on users' browser and operating system use to accompany them. Here are a few things worth noting:

  • The number of Chrome users overwhelmingly outnumbers all of the other browsers. That could be due to two reasons: 1) We've tapped into the set of users that predominantly use Chrome or 2) our Chrome plugin. And the number of Chrome users keeps taking up more and more of our user base.

  • In the real world, Windows is by and large the more popular of the laptop and desktop operating systems, but among our users, the Mac vs PC split is pretty much even. Interestingly enough, the ratio was stacked more in Mac users' favor before we entered our public beta than afterward, which probably suggests something about Mac users being more likely to be early adopters than Windows. We can probably make a case for Chrome users as well.

  • We had one user hit the Contactually dashboard via their Sony PlayStation 3 on more than one occasion, and that person is our coolest user.

  • "Other browsers" include Opera, Opera Mini, Android browser, RockMelt, and, of course, the PlayStation 3 browser.

  • "Other operating systems" include Android, BlackBerry OS, and Linux.

Let's see whether these figures hold or change over time! It should be an interesting few months.