February 27, 2019

Contactually Joins Compass


As of Monday, February 25, 2019, Contactually entered into an agreement to be acquired by Compass.

When we founded Contactually nearly 10 years ago, we set out to build a tool that is easy to use and helps users grow long-term relationships with clients. We’ve invested heavily in product innovation, expanding our partner ecosystem – and in the last few years – doubled-down on growing our real estate client base through individual agents and enterprise partnerships (9 of the top 20 U.S. brokerages are customers).

We live our mantra that “great relationships grow great businesses.” And like us, Compass has a deep appreciation for how strong relationships lead to growth and success. Compass has expanded its business by building a national community of entrepreneurs with expertise in technology — and provides agents with a leading suite of digital tools that work in the hyper-local real estate industry. This acquisition is a major step in furthering that goal.



Contactually's fundamental business practice has been, and continues to be, to safely store our clients' data. To earn this trust, Contactually has employed numerous security best practices, such as whitelisting IP addresses that are able to access technical services, using 2-Factor Authentication to access sensitive data as well as encrypted connections/data at all times. The set of employees who have access to the “Contactually Common Runtime” (all clients using contactually.com) data is extremely limited, as Contactually follows the Principle of Least Privilege, or granting access to the absolute minimum set of people necessary to successfully operate the product.


Contactually's Product & Engineering team is the sole team within the company that has the power to grant access to “Contactually Common Runtime” data. There is no technical way for any other Compass employee to grant access to this data to any other employee who is not part of the team to operate the product.


When Contactually and Compass began working together in March 2018, we created completely separate Amazon Web Services accounts and services. Contactually duplicated the infrastructure only, none of the data. This new infrastructure created for Compass was completely empty when Contactually started the project and has only been populated with Compass agent-provided data since its production launch. Contactually’s existing customers have always — and will always be — served by the original, separate services created by Contactually, which Compass employees have never had access to and never will. This original set of servers/services is known as our “Contactually Common Runtime”, as opposed to our “Compass Runtime”. All Compass servers, databases, APIs, caching systems, and all other means of technically accessing data are stored on the “Compass Runtime”. All other customers’ servers, databases, APIs, caching systems, and all other means of technically accessing data are stored on the “Contactually Common Runtime”. There is absolutely no connection or data transfer between the two runtimes.


Q. When will the acquisition be complete?

A. The acquisition is effective as of February 25, 2019.


Q. What will happen to my data/my teams’ data?

A. Users own their data and contacts and may do a full export. Should there be any change, users would have ample time to take action. Contactually has always fought for protection of your information, and Compass agrees.


Q. Will Compass see my data and contacts?

A. Data from contactually.com is stored on a separate server that is not accessible to the Compass team. It’s also our long-standing policy to never sell, give, or trade your data to other companies — even in the case of third-party partnerships — without your consent.


Q. How do I export my data?

A. You have several options to export. Navigate to your Contacts, and click on the blue button in the top right labeled “Export.” Anyone can also leverage our full API.


Q. As an individual user, can I cancel my account?

A. You can cancel your account at any time. Learn more here.


Q. How long will Contactually continue to support individual users?

A. Individual users will be able to continue to use their Contactually account for the foreseeable future.


Q. Are there any changes to my pricing or billing?

A. No, your current price will remain. Billing will continue to be serviced through the Contactually platform. You can see a list of invoices or update your credit card by navigating to Settings > Plans & Billing. Learn more here.


Q. Can I continue to submit requests to support@contactually.com?

A. Yes.


Q. Will the documentation still be available within the app at support.contactually.com?

A. Yes.


Q. My brokerage has an enterprise agreement with Contactually. What should I expect?

A. Your enterprise agreement with Contactually will be supported through the entire length of your current contract. If your contract is up for renewal in 2019, you'll be able to renew for service through year end. We are evaluating long-term support services beyond 2019.


Q. Are we still able to add new agents to our enterprise agreement?

A. Yes, you can continue to add users throughout the length of your enterprise agreement.


Q. Can I terminate my enterprise agreement early?

A. Yes, please contact your Customer Success Manager for details.


Q. Is the current core product of Contactually and the Compass CRM the same?

A. No, the Compass CRM is a separate product from Contactually with its own product roadmap and unique set of features. As CRMs, they both contain basics of contact management (e.g. ability to organize contacts and follow up). The Compass CRM has additional features that are specific to the Compass platform. Data from the Compass CRM and Contactually are stored on separate servers and the Compass team only has access to their data. For all clients and partnerships, it’s Contactually’s policy to never sell, give, or trade data without prior consent from all involved.


Q. Will I still have access to the current features of the software?

A. Yes, the Contactually platform will remain as is, for current users.


Q. How will this affect my current integrations with Contactually and their partner network?

A. Contactually’s open API means that many vendors have created integrations. Existing integrations will continue to function, as is. Integrations that are currently being built by partners may be canceled at their discretion.


Q. Will I still have access to Contactually’s API?

A. Integration partners will continue to have access to Contactually's open API until further notice.


Q. What should Compass agents using Contactually do?

A. You can continue using Contactually as any other agent can, or you can switch to the Compass CRM. Contact your offices’ Product Expert for more insight.


Q: I am an existing Compass agent or contemplating joining Compass. Will I get access to Contactually?

A: All Compass agents have access to Compass CRM that is integrated with the rest of the Compass suite of tools. You are welcome to sign up for Contactually separately. But it will not be supported by your local Agent Success team.


Q. Are you still accepting new signups?

A. Yes, for the time being we are accepting new signups.


You can submit questions not found here to compass@contactually.com.