February 25, 2016

iPhone Update: Introducing Email and Text Templates


Editor's Note: Already a Contactually user? You can download our new iOS app here. (Not a user yet? Don't worry you can start your trial here and then download our iOS app to your device.)

With 5 minutes to spare, every second counts

Staying connected on-the-go is what most professionals strive for and ultimately struggle with. When you're caught in meetings, back-to-back appointments, or just overloaded with work, finding time to connect with your high value relationships is the last thing on your mind.

And when you actually find downtime, it becomes that much more urgent and difficult to engage in a genuine and authentic way. In those 5 dwindling minutes you have, what if you can't articulate the right words to say?

Imagine having the right message at your finger tips just a few clicks away. With our new iOS update you'll have just that. All new access to email templates and text templates will help ensure you're always sending the right message, even when you're in a crunch.

To make your daily interactions and tasks even easier, we've also added some intuitive features so you can continue to engage your network and grow your business on-the-go.

Introducing email and text templates

Whether you're navigating your dashboard or on a contact's profile, you can easily access all of your templates and preview the message before you send.

A quick tap on either the email or text message icons will allow you to compose a genuine message all on your own, but if you find yourself with writer's block -- long press either the email or text icons to utilize one of our proven templates and make your interaction genuine and stress free.

Easily scroll through all of your templates to find just the right message for any occasion. Not seeing what you need? Be sure to add more templates from the content library the next time you're on your desktop.

Preview the message, and customize it as needed. Don't forget to add context or just a personal note, to set this interaction apart from the crowd.

Accomplish and edit tasks

To simplify how you interact with your dashboard take a look at the new swipe features for tasks, because let's face it, when you only have a spare minute you need to make the most of it. Swipe right when a task is completed, to quickly remove it from your dashboard.

Need to reschedule, make edits or alter the task in anyway? Swipe left to edit your task and update it for the future.

Look for more to come

After months of having a subpar platform out on the market, we committed and invested the proper resources to redesign and rebuild from the ground up. With the bar set for our apps to come, and more improvements to follow, we're using that momentum to keep moving forward. Look out for more updates to the iOS and the Contactually suite.

Have some feedback about the iOS app? Send us an email.