December 07, 2012

What we've read this week: evolution of social CRM and selling tools

On this week's internet roundup, the theme is evolution. With changing technology comes change in the ways we use them. Social CRM is arguably a buzzword, but it's important nonetheless. Social CRM and sales have changed so much (the former didn't exist a decade ago) in recent times to accommodate how and where we communicate online and they're some of the most important aspects of a business. And with that, here are our two picks for this week's roundup:

  • CMSWire: Social CRM Is Not A Strategy - But You Do Need A Strategy To Succeed - This quote hits it right on the head: "In this new world, traditional 'CRM' (including those for customer service) solutions will continue to aggregate customer data, analyze that data, and automate work flows to optimize business processes. This is an inside-out approach, where activities are performed for the benefit of the organization." Customer service has definitely evolved. With more avenues for people to voice their opinion online, adapting is necessary. What tools do you use? Has your customer relationship management moved to the social space?

  • Smart Selling Tools: The Evolution of Sales Tools and the Efficiency Paradox - Continuing the theme of evolution, this blog post by sales expert Nancy Nardin takes a look at how sales tools have become what they are today. For example, customer service and customer relation, sales has gone and shifted with the times. Laptops, she says, have been a catalyst for the introduction of new tools, such as electronic slideshow presentations. And what's more, she believes that we're on the precipice of another sales tool revolution. It's definitely worth a read.