March 05, 2014

Contactually Happenings: A Growing Team

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Happy March! It's hard to believe that we're already two months into 2014, but here we are. It's been a few months since we've done one of these, the last time we checked in, we had just moved offices. It's a lovely space, really, and we're filling it rather nicely with new employees. Since the beginning of this year, we've brought on three new full-time hires: Drew Lepp as our Lead UX Designer, Alistair Potts as our VP of Sales, and Grey Gyllenhaal as our newest Customer Guru, bringing our team to 19 people and four dogs.

And we're not stopping there. We're always looking for awesome people to join our team, so if you think that's you get in touch! As always, you can keep up with our goings on via Facebook or Twitter.

Here's a little bit about the new crew:

1. How are you finding the company? What is it like so far?


Drew: There has yet to be a boring day at Contactually. The company is full of incredibly smart, funny and really quirky vampires. (I don't know when anyone --besides me-- sleeps.) I've learned quite a bit in my month here, most notably, a really great way to quickly remove a hard-boiled egg from its shell. Ask Brent for a demonstration.

Alistair: In one word, amazing. Brilliant and driven team members all focused on delivering a world-class product.

Grey: Well, I am LOVING it. Especially coming from working at a bank where work every day felt painful.

2. Any surprises?

Drew: Probably just how smart and industrious everyone on the team is.


Alistair: Ummm... we have a chat room for just about everything within Hipchat (the program we use to communicate with each other in the office). Even one devoted to the scariest things around the internet. And that I am the oldest person in the company. Oh, how age does creep up on you, and I do have the gray hair to prove it...

Grey: Just to name a few: we have a shelf of alcohol that we like to keep well stocked, we are actually able to get work done with 4 dogs running around, everyone seems to like each other and are actually more of a family than co-workers, and how hard everyone works. I've been having a hard time not checking my email on the weekends to see what's going on.

3. Most interesting work story so far?

Drew: All my work stories are probably NSFW.

Alistair: I have seen people cook four-course meals in the office using only a "Griddler," an "Egg Genie," and a microwave. These folks are resourceful!

Grey: At the Grusan (my one week anniversary and Susan's birthday) party last week, VERY strange videos started getting pulled up on computers.


4. Fun fact about you?

Drew: My class once voted me "Most likely to become the first female president." It's probably because I often get confused for a young Hillary Clinton. I imagine all those pant suits weren't doing me any favors. I am also a former soroban (Japanese abacus) champion. As you can probably imagine, it has gotten me places.

Alistair: I was born in the back seat of a car -- not kidding. I just couldn't wait to join the world, apparently.

Grey: This question is always the worst...

5. One thing on your bucket list?

Drew: To become a renowned pop star who can't sing or dance. I'm waiting for my big break performing in my living room singing for my cat.

Alistair: Snowboarding/trekking in the Swiss Alps.

Grey: At some point in my life I'd like to move somewhere out of the U.S. (aka trying to be Alistair).