April 17, 2014

Connect your calendar to Contactually!

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Calendars and Contacts, Together at Last

Emails and calendars; the apple pie and baseball of the business professional. Since we couldn't revolutionize the way you handle one without including the other, we're happy to announce that you can now connect your Google Calendar or iCalendar event and meeting data to Contactually.

Why should you care? How will this change your life? If you've got 75 seconds and don't feel like reading, I'll show you.

Don't have that kind of time? Fair enough. Here's the skinny :

  • Want to see your meetings for the day on the Contactually dashboard? Connect your calendar.

  • Want to have calendar events with a summary of today's recommended follow-ups? Connect your calendar.

  • Want to see previous meetings in the interaction history section of contact profiles? Connect... that... calendar.

And if you don't want one of these features, fear not -- you can pick and choose which ones you activate from the Settings menu.

It's easy, and it only takes a second, so try it out with your calendar today. And as always... let me know what you think.