January 19, 2017

Contactually Announcement: A New Partnership with First.io


We're very excited to announce the launch of our partnership with First.io, a great step forward for Contactually as a whole in intelligence and real estate agent productivity. This partnership will generate a new Contactually product, powered by First, that will give real estate agents unseen, proactive knowledge about their network and will automatically provide recommendations to users when a contact is likely to list their home in the next six months.

A brand new way to use Contactually

The new partnership with First - a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to pinpoint when homeowners are most likely to move - will help real estate agents better respond to and manage clients needs. "Our platform allows users to stay top-of-mind with their entire networks, resulting in more leads and referrals," says Contactually co-Founder and CEO Zvi Band.

"Agents want to ensure they are always building relationships with the right people, so being able to predict who is more likely to move is something we've always wanted to offer. With our powerful yet easy to use platform, users can automatically begin communicating with these contacts as soon as their moving intentions are predicted, keeping them many steps ahead of their competitors."

This is the first of many initiatives involving artificial intelligence and machine learning that will further add value to our customers moving forward in 2017 and beyond. This new product we're rolling out with First will regularly assess a real estate agent's contacts in Contactually using a market-leading AI and machine learning platform, and then predict when a client is most likely to move. The business or agent will be automatically notified, enabling rapid and personalized communications to best meet the client's needs.

Bringing machine learning to the real estate industry

The real estate sector is a crowded one, with more than two million licensed real estate agents in the United States. In 2015, just over five million homes were sold, meaning that - on average - real estate agents were only able to sell three houses that year. This partnership will help users get ahead of competitors by keeping them ahead of their rivals.

"This is important because it helps agents to not lose opportunities within their network," Band continues. "They lose opportunities because they are generally not in regular touch with their networks. This platform enables them to be made aware of opportunities, and respond proactively."

Mike Schneider, the CEO of First, adds, "First and Contactually both believe real estate runs on relationships. It's incredibly rare to find companies on the same mission with complementary products. We couldn't be more excited to pair the best mover intelligence with the best relationally-focused CRM to help agents win more listings."

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