May 18, 2016

A New Way to Find Help in Contactually


As companies grow over time, their tools and applications can get more and more complicated. New features, functionality, and designs built to address problems can result in unintended consequences. They can ultimately become overwhelming for customers. In the past, this has been no different for Contactually.

Help and Support for Contactually customers has historically lived outside of the application. This forced our customers to leave the application to find a solution to their problem. Then they had to come back to apply the solution they found. Frankly, it was a messy, convoluted way for our customers to address their concerns. We knew there had to be a better way.

Luckily, we were introduced to Elevio.

Elevio is an application that takes the Help and Support resources that live outside of Contactually the app, and makes them readily available to you as you work in Contactually.

We've integrated Elevio into our Help Menu, allowing you easy access to help and support when you need it, directly within Contactually.

Here's how Contactually and Elevio work together...

Support & Training Documentation

Using our new Help Experience, you'll find all of the support you could need while using Contactually, without ever having to leave the platform.

Our Support & Training Documentation Module takes all of the articles housed on our Support and Training site, and makes them readily available within Contactually.

If you're not sure how to perform a task or looking for best practices for a particular feature - simply open our Help Menu, search for the topic you're looking for, and get the help you need then and there.



Now you will never have to sift through our entire database of documentation to find the information pertaining to the feature you're currently looking at. Instead, opening the Help Experience on either the Contacts, Buckets, Insights, Programs, Pipelines, or Email Templates tab will trigger our Support & Training Documentation Module to give you a list of documents pertaining to the particular feature you're in.

This gives you quick access to documents we know can help you address your issue. And if for some reason you don't see what you're looking for in the curated list of documents, you still have the ability to search our entire database of documentation.

Submitting a Support Request and Chatting with Support

We've all had times when using a piece of software that required customer to reach out to the Support Team. Historically with Contactually, getting in touch with our Support Team involved leaving the Contactually app, and heading to the Contactually Support Site, to receive the help you needed.

From now on, when you run into an issue, easily get in touch with our Support Team by opening the Help Menu and contacting them.

Submitting a Support Request will send our Support Team an email. Instead of being forced to correspond in your email client. You can read the responses and respond to your support request directly within the Help Menu. This way you won't have to remember what our Support Team said, you can access our responses whenever you like.

Not only can you correspond through email, initiating a chat with our Support Team can also help you resolve your issues that much quicker. Just open the Chat with Support Module. Our Support Team is very responsive (and friendly) and will send you an email of your correspondence, when completed, if you need to review it later.

Contactually Blog

Whether you're looking for tips and tricks on how to expand your network, the latest in real estate trends, or how to best utilize emails and social media for your business, the Contactually Blog is your go-to spot for insights on all things relationship marketing from the experts here at Contactually.

Opening the Contactually Blog Module will give you a list of the ten most recent Contactually blog posts. If any of the posts interests you, simply selecting the title will take you directly to that article.

Contactually Office Hours

Have questions? Want a tutorial of a feature? Simply want to pick our brains about ways to maximize Contactually? That is what Contactually Office Hours are for!

We hold our Contactually Office Hours sessions three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Each with a different itinerary, designed to give Contactually customers an open forum to ask questions, as well as see walk-throughs of the different features that Contactually offers from the experts at Contactually. nudge nudge - this is a free service available to all users, so don't hesitate to take us up on it!

Contactually Marketplace

The Contactually Marketplace is where Contactually customers can learn about services that integrate directly with Contactually. We have developed this community of companies that provide services that work seamlessly with Contactually. You already know many of them... MailChimp,, and Zillow. Take a closer look and you will discover various real estate services and productivity tools that are sure to enhance your Contactually experience.

Selecting the Contactually Marketplace Module will take you directly to the marketplace where you can find the whole suite of vendors that we've partnered with to give more value to your Contactually account.

Contactually Support and Training Site

If you can't find the answer to your question or issue in the Support & Training Documentation Module, you still have the ability to visit either the Support or Training site at your leisure.

The Contactually Support Site houses all of our Support Documentation. This primarily pertains to how-to and troubleshooting documentation. You will also be able to give our Support Team a call, join our User Forums, and submit an idea to our Product Team.

The Contactually Training Site focuses on sharing best practices to specific goals our Customers tend to have for the software, such as; Generating More Referrals, Generating More Business, and Organizing My Network.

Look for more to come

Making all our Support Resources more readily available within the Contactually Help Menu is only the first step. As we continue to build on our help experience, we will be adding "Hotspots" throughout the application. These Hotspots will give you quick help, specific to a features and tools within Contactually without open the Help Menu.

We're looking forward to continually growing our Help experience by giving you the help you need right when you need it.