April 20, 2016

[CHEAT SHEET] Creating the Most Effective Email Signature


Raise your hand if you have an email signature set up for each of your email accounts. Surprisingly enough, for something that may seem like basic email etiquette, only about 52% of professionals actually have an email signature designated for their email accounts. That sounds way too low in our books, and in a world where email is quickly becoming our main mode of communication, do you want to include the correct information for your contacts to reach you?

The average office worker receives about 120 emails a day, if we're going by the statistic above, it would mean that nearly 60 of those emails that you receive on a daily basis have no email signature.

Send an email with a more effective email signature...

That's 60 emails with no way to know how to further contact the sender of the email, or even to learn a little bit more about who they are and what they do. Your email signature is the place where you can share your contact information, and some engaging information in the form of a link to your website or even an article you've recently written.

Think of it as a digital business card that you include in each email you send out. You wouldn't go to a conference or a networking event without your business cards, why would you send an email without a signature?

Before you panic, we've updated our blog post with 3 quick tips to creating and writing an effective email signature into a quick cheat sheet. Not only does it let your contacts know exactly who you are and what you're all about, but also gives them clear information on how to follow-up or reach you again.

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