August 28, 2012

Case study: Sean Wiegert


About Sean Wiegert and Circa Properties

Sean is a Realtor(r) at Circa Properties, a full-service real estate brokerage agency in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. Sean purports that in his profession, the strength of his relationships with past clients directly influences his ability to bring in new business. As such, he manages a plethora of important relationships and considers it critical to not let leads slip through the cracks.

Before Contactually

    • Sean has worked in the real estate industry for the past seven years. Throughout that time, he tried integrating several CRM tools like Top Producer into his workflow. However, he found that they lacked the combination of features that he sought, like the ability to create simple reminders for specific contacts and view the communication history for a given client.

    • Like most Realtors(r), Sean managed several email drip campaigns for his leads. In the past, if a potential client started a dialogue during a drip campaign, it was hard to track and manage.

"With Contactually, I worry much less about losing track of a lead. Now, I'm much more productive when it comes to my job."

How has Contactually helped?

    • With Contactually, Sean goes above and beyond the standard impersonal drip email campaigns of his career's past. Now, he engages in more relevant and natural conversations with his leads, as Contactually provides him with a better context for all of his relationships.

    • Sean downloaded the Contactually plugin for Chrome and instantly fell in love. The plugin streamlines his workflow and allows him to be even more productive directly from his Gmail inbox.

    • Sean finds that his Contactually's integrations with social media services like Facebook and Twitter have greatly bolstered his online presence and have expanded the reach of his marketing campaigns. Additionally, he finds the integration with Mailchimp incredibly useful when it comes to managing his drip campaigns.

    • Whenever Sean has a question regarding Contactually, he knows that the owners, developers, and support team at Contactually always have his back. In his own words, "I like that they respond quickly and are open to suggestions. It feels like they sincerely care about their end users like me."

"With Contactually, I've managed to cut the time that I spend following up with my clients in half, but have substantially increased the quality and quantity of my outreach to potential clients. It's incredible!

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