September 07, 2012

Case study: Rashaad Essop


About Rashaad Essop and SKUDA

South Africa's Rashaad Essop has quite the impressive resume. He's a programmer, an amateur electronic music producer, and a writer/poet. He's worked with TSE BIG MAX, a company in the transportation industry that focuses on heavy trucks and semi-trailers, in areas like engineering, sales, support, and development. Above all, he's passionate about technology and design, which led him to begin the SKUDA project, an initiative showcasing the diversity of South African culture. It's not a surprise that Rashaad frequently has his hands full. Because of this, he needed a tool to facilitate his communications between himself and his important contacts across a wide range of verticals.

Before Contactually

    • Prior to Contactually, Rashaad's desk was frequently littered with sticky notes and other scraps of paper that he used to remind himself to follow up with his contacts. As you can imagine, this was ineffective.

    • Digitally, Rashaad explored apps and tools like Evernote, Remember the Milk, and about one hundred others. He found that he couldn't find the features that he desired in a productivity app despite their abundance in the market, so he stuck mostly with Gmail and paper reminders.

"Contactually quickly found its way into my browser's 'morning coffee' tabs -- the tabs that I always keep open -- along with Gmail, Twitter, and my CRM tool."

How has Contactually helped?

    • Contactually's initial setup process had Rashaad hooked right from the start. It was self-explanatory, brought several facets of his life into one place, and took only a few minutes to get moving. He really liked that he didn't have to stop his work for an extended period of time to set everything up.

    • Within the first few follow-up recommendations, Rashaad began connecting with people that he usually didn't think much about. He rediscovered the importance of connecting with these people, as these connections ultimately proved helpful to his professional ventures.

    • Rashaad is partial to Contactually's simplicity. He appreciates its seamless integration into his workflow, and likes that it works with you as you go about your day rather than disrupting it.

"The Bucket Game is really innovative. It makes categorizing your contacts a lot more entertaining and gives you goals to meet, spurring a sense of dedication and accomplishment to the task at hand. This captures the essence of Contactually perfectly."

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