August 24, 2012

Case study: Randy Rapin


About Randy Rapin and RLT Industries

Randy Rapin has been involved in the sales industry for over 30 years. He is currently a representative for RLT Industries, an independent sales team that works with companies dealing with custom metal, plastic and rubber components in the global market. An experienced salesman, Randy knows the value of maintaining good relationships with clients, as he relies on these relationships to generate sales and bring in new business.

Before Contactually

    • Randy relied exclusively on his memory when he followed up with his contacts prior to integrating Contactually into his workflow. He set up groups in Gmail and Google Contacts in an effort to keep his contacts organized.

    • Unfortunately for Randy, his busy schedule during the work week prevented him from following up with some clients during business hours. He devoted many night and weekend hours to this task as a result, detracting from his leisure time.

"Thanks to Contactually, I've been able to free up a substantial amount of time that I used to dedicate to managing my business relationships online. Now, I can spend more uninterrupted quality time with my family, and I've even started taking up some of my old hobbies again."

How has Contactually helped?

    • With Contactually, Randy has been able to enhance his relationships with both active and past clients by following up when appropriate. Contactually also gives context to his relationships with his clients, so he knows what to discuss with them, and when.

    • Randy significantly reduced the amount of time he spends on nights and weekends figuring out the contacts with which he needs to follow up.

    • Contactually's follow up reminders have helped Randy's productivity levels right from the start. The first time Contactually prompted him to follow up with an old contact, the client called him to extend an offer to become involved in a new sales project.

    • Randy attributes an increase of over $1.5 million in sales revenue in the past four months to his frequent Contactually use. This incredible increase in sales brought him a substantial amount of extra income, and his client is absolutely thrilled with his results.

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