August 31, 2012

Case study: R.V. Muniz

About R.V. Muniz and Vulcaflex

Muniz is a national sales supervisor for Vulcaflex, a Brazilian manufacturer that provides maintenance and repair applications for critical rubber components within the industrial, automotive, and bicycle industries. As a high-ranking professional who manages dozens of important client relationships, Muniz needed to organize his contacts in a way that gives context to their relationship. He needed a way to consistently manage his online conversations, and wanted a tool that would give him some deeper insights into his communication practices.

Before Contactually

  • Over the years, Muniz has tried several different tools to manage his contacts and relationships, but none were able to provide the value that he sought.

  • He had a lot of difficulty updating and syncing his contacts, previously a very cumbersome and time-intensive process, between his various networks.

  • Additionally, these tools did not integrate well with his primary email client. He needed a system that would work seamlessly with his inbox.

"I am very pleased with my results from Contactually. The tool strengthened my organization and communication skills significantly, which led to my recent promotion at work."

How has Contactually helped?

  • With Contactually, Muniz no longer lets important relationships fall to the wayside. Now, he has strong relationships with all of his contacts -- even the ones he doesn't keep in touch with daily. Contactually's automatic follow-up reminders help keep these relationships top of mind. His clients have noticed and embraced this welcomed improvement to their relationships.

  • Muniz particularly enjoys the ability to quickly categorize his connections into buckets and finds great value in the ability to determine the frequency of his follow up reminders.

  • Not only has Muniz improved his professional relationships, but he has also built stronger personal relationships with distant friends and family thanks to the reminders in his inbox. Contactually has provided Muniz with a well-rounded communications strategy and has added tremendous value to several important facets of his life.

"Recently, Contactually prompted me to follow-up with an important contact who had gone cold, so I reached out and subsequently closed a deal. It turns out that this person wanted to contact me, but had lost my business card and couldn't do so. Contactually saved the day!"