July 10, 2012

Case study: Mike Tanenbaum


Mike Tanenbaum is the founder and CEO of ConnectCubed, a startup based in Hong Kong. ConnectCubed helps financial institutions maximize their ROI on graduate and early-career recruitment. Their platform features a series of finance assessment games that are effective at identifying high performing future bankers, traders, and financial analysts. ConnectCubed uses these assessments to help top tier financial institutions make better hiring decisions and source qualified junior candidates from over 39 countries.

Before Contactually

    • Mike and his team used a system of "inconsistent calendar reminders" to remember to follow up with relevant contacts prior to Contactually. Every team member would set a calendar reminder when a follow up was needed, but each person used a slightly different system and their calendars became packed with erroneous or duplicate reminders.

    • As time went on, Mike found the team was missing out on opportunities to connect with key opinion leaders and failing to capitalize on new potential sources of revenue. They were getting bogged down with reminders and not actually following up! They needed a clearer, more systematic approach to staying in touch with people that mattered.

How did Contactually help?

    • After rolling out Contactually across his ConnectCubed team, everyone now has a consistent system for follow up reminders. Each team member gets her own set of contacts to follow up on a given day, and overall ConnectCubed is staying top of mind with more and more potential clients.

    • ConnectCubed typically engages with each client about 2-4 times per year, so staying top of mind in between those interactions is key. Contactually helps the team regularly stay in touch in a personal, engaging way without having to resort to impersonal email blasts.

    • Beyond follow up reminders, the team is also able to see the stream of communication between a particular client and every team member. Mike and the entire team are able to instantly see who last interacted with any contact, and coordinate messages across the organization accordingly.

"I sleep better at night knowing that we won't miss chances to reach out and follow up with users, clients, investors, and media contacts."

"We need to stay personal, and we need to stay relevant. Contactually contextualizes all of our communication through reminders and details about previous conversations, saving huge amounts of time and adding significant peace of mind."

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