August 10, 2012

Case study: Kees Romkes


About Kees Romkes and his companies

With two business ventures, Kees Romkes is a very busy man. He founded his own company, -- that's right, he's from the Netherlands! -- where he is a social business consultant and motivational speaker. Additionally, he and a partner run a social media solutions company that targets Dutch businesses and helps them build their online presence in order to heighten their levels of communication. Email is an important part of this social superstar's daily life; Kees uses it to keep in touch with his most important stakeholders, as well as to find new business leads and opportunities.

Before Contactually

    • Kees tried almost every thinkable contact management tool, including CRMs like Highrise and Gist, "smart" address books like Plaxo, and countless tools that integrate with Apple's Contacts app.

    • Despite all of the tools' capabilities, none of them fit Kees's basic need for simplicity. He searched high and low, but couldn't find the one feature he needed -- automatic reminders that prompted him to reconnect with his most important contacts.

"Most CRM tools are too big, too hard to use, have too many functionalities, aren't fun to use at all, and I don't know why! It's not like we're talking about the 1990's here - it's 2012!"

How has Contactually helped?

    • Kees is thrilled with how close he now feels to those in his network. Contactually's integrations with social media platforms and CRM tools provide him with contextually relevant information, such as company news, job changes, and upcoming important events, so that he can more effectively and personally reach out to those who are most important.

    • Contactually keeps Kees "on his toes" by regularly reconnecting him with potential leads, which in a social business, is something incredibly valuable. In just a short time, he rekindled 28 relationships that had fallen to the wayside thanks to Contactually, many of which directly led to business opportunities!

    • A self-described "part perfectionist and part completist," Kees maintains that the Bucket Game answered his contact sorting prayers! In addition to easily and appropriately categorizing his contacts, the Bucket Game prompts him to evaluate his relationships and put people in perspective. Additionally, he was incredibly impressed by Contactually's ability to accurately merge duplicate contacts, something he notes that many other services aren't able to do.

"Contactually isn't actually a 'solution' to a problem. It's an easy way of handling CRM in the modern day and age. In my opinion, every self employed professional needs to take care of his or her network. Contactually makes that easy and adds context and relevance. It adds value to a relationship, instead of adding maintenance time."

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