July 27, 2012

Case study: Judy Schramm


Judy Schramm is the founder and CEO of ProResource, an easy, low-cost way for small business owners to find and nurture leads using social media and email. She is intimately familiar with small business marketing, and previously ran a PR and marketing firm tailored to small software companies for 17 years. Judy recently graduated from The Founder Institute in February 2012.

Before Contactually

    • Prior to Contactually, Judy was a heavy user of Outlook task lists. Whenever she had a particular item that needed action, she'd add a flag in Outlook and follow up as needed. When her Outlook crashed a few months ago, she could no longer use her inbox as a task list.

    • Judy started to look for a new solution. She'd previously used other CRMs, including Salesfoce and Basecamp, but felt they were too expensive and complicated to use.

    • She started keeping track of tasks in email, which worked fine when business was slow. But when ProResource really started to pick up steam, Judy needed something better. She didn't need a full-blown CRM, but still needed a lightweight contact manager.

"I needed a simple reminder system integrated with my email, not a clunky CRM. I wanted a way to stay connected to people who are important."

How did Contactually help?

    • Contactually was the first tool Judy had used that actually helped her follow up with her top contacts, in addition to her regular task list. She started receiving daily reminders to follow up with people, and found herself engaging with more and more potential customers.

    • After only a week of using Contactually, she closed a new deal. She had previously sent a proposal to a prospect, but he never got back to her. After sending a short follow up from Contactually, the prospect responded with a few questions and signed the invoice.

    • Judy uses Gmail now, and integrating it with Contactually was a breeze. Contactually is now automatically finding any new prospects in her email and adding them to her account - and, more importantly, sending reminders to follow up. It's the automatic contact manager she's always wanted.

"I'm literally already getting new business thanks to Contactually. I got the email reminder, sent a follow up, and 3 days later had a signed invoice in my inbox. It might have slipped through the cracks, but Contactually had my back!"

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