July 24, 2012

Case study: Josh Larson

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About Josh Larson

Josh Larson is an independent freelance artist and designer based in Des Moines, Iowa. He has been a professional game designer for the past seven years and started freelancing in 1999. Josh is currently the Assistant Creator at God at play and has worked with many clients, large and small.

"In the first three weeks of using Contactually, I've already found three new potential clients!"

Before Contactually

    • When Josh first started freelancing, he started leveraging his existing relationships -- colleagues, previous clients, and friends -- to drum up new business. That meant an increased emphasis on networking and staying in touch with the important people in his network.

    • However, he didn't have a real system in place to follow up with people. In his own words, "I suck at follow through." He found himself missing potential business opportunities and wanted a better system.

    • Josh had tried another customer relationship management (CRM) system years ago, but found it to be too "big and complicated." He didn't want or need a full CRM solution.

"I didn't need a big, complicated thing. I just wanted a no hassle system that would help me stay in touch with the people that matter."

How did Contactually help?

    • Contactually immediately caught his eye as a great way to schedule reminders and follow up with more people, particularly potential clients. By having a daily list of reminders, he found he started follow up with more and more people on a regular basis.

    • Josh found Contactually to be the perfect combination of tools to organize his contacts and encourage him to follow up, while not being over-burdensome.

    • A game-lover at heart (he's a game designer after all!), he became hooked on the Bucket Game right away and start organizing and bucketing his contacts. By bucketing his contacts, his follow up reminders became even more relevant and tailored to his specific needs, helping him reconnect with more current and potential clients.

"There's something undefinable about Contactually. It actually encourages me to be more persistent with my contacts. And people notice! One guy specifically complimented me on my persistence, and it's 100% thanks to Contactually."

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