July 13, 2012

Case study: Jim Floerchinger

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Jim Floerchinger is a New Zealand-based entrepreneur that currently runs a pharmaceutical import company, importing products and reselling them to pharmacies in New Zealand. In the coming months, Jim will be busy helping an Austrailian company with their business development and will result in significant travel throughout Asia. Prior to starting his important firm, he also worked as a full-time water polo and swim coach.

Before Contactually

    • Prior to Contactually, Jim's follow ups with important contacts was, in his own words, "pretty hit and miss." He organized his work with to-dos lists that always seemed to get bigger and bigger each day. He found himself only concentrating on the 8 to 10 contacts that were at the front of his mind, but it meant that a certain number of action items would inevitably slip through the cracks.

    • In addition, with his transition from coaching to business development, his method of professional communication had dramatically changed. He'd gone from dealing with 60 or so families of athletes to 300+ pharmacies, at least as many medical centers, and other pharmaceutical outlets. In other words, his contact list had exploded. Jim needed a system to stay on top of all his new professional relationships and, without one, his work was becoming a nightmare.

How did Contactually help?

    • Since using Contactually, the biggest benefit Jim's experienced is that he's now much more proactive about his relationship management, not reactive. Every morning Jim opens his Contactually email, sends off his 5 follow up emails, and waits another hour before actually clearning his Inbox.

    • The feature Jim likes the best is the "snooze button," allowing him to push off a current follow up reminder for as many days or weeks as he'd like. He doesn't need to feel pressure to follow up with a given contact if he's too busy with other work or there are other contacts that are more important.

    • If Jim meets with any important contacts for a meeting, he logs that interaction and any notes into Contactually. This helps better adjust any future follow up reminders and, when another reminder does get triggered, he'll have his notes available for any follow up email he wants to send.