July 06, 2012

Case study: Federico Ferreri


Federico Ferreri is the Research & Development leader at BlackBox GPS, an online fleet tracking and management tool. He's responsible for all software development efforts and hardware/software integrations with multiple vendors across the world: he lives in Argentina, the company is headquarted in the US, and most vendors are in Taiwan and the US. Federico is constantly trying to collaborate with all the contacts - both internal and external - across his distributed company.

Before Contactually

    • BlackBox uses Google Apps for Enterprise, while works great for all their email and remote collaboration purposes. However, contact management was still a major pain due to the lack of tools within Google Apps.

    • Federico relied on a system of calendars and popup reminders to remember to follow up with people. It was an OK solution that worked when he needed to manage only a few dozen employees and vendors, but when his contact list grew to over 200 it became unmanageable. His calendar became bloated with more reminders than actual events, and he found himself setting up invites more often than actually contact people.

How did Contactually help?

    • When he first started using Contactually, Federico started managing all his contacts and follow up reminders via Contactually, while using his Google Calendar only for scheduling meetings and calls with vendors.

    • Federico set up group of contacts via Contactually buckets, and made specific follow up rules fro each group of contacts. He was quickly able to categorize all his important contacts using the Bucket Game, resulting in follow up reminders tailored to his needs.

    • As for the follow up reminders, he has all of them forwarded to his mobile as an SMS in order to have reminders on the go. As soon a Contactually mobile app is available (likely late summer 2012), he'll be a heavy user.


"Almost immediately after using Contactually, I found that there were too many vendors I had stopped contacting. I recovered my old good relation (in particular with Taiwan vendors that have an 11 hour difference with me) with them after a few follow ups. It is now clear to see who I contacted and it is easy to measure."

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