July 31, 2012

Case study: Elliot Darvick


About Elliot Darvick

Elliot Darvick is the co-founder of Unbucket, a L.A.-based startup working on improving how people use lists and collaborate with them. As a co-founder, Elliot spends a lot of time in his inbox, talking to clients, advisors, media, investors, and customers, in addition to his daily duties atop his company.

Before Contactually

    • Elliot's previous way of doing things required a lot of different tools to do the one thing he wanted -- remind himself to follow up with his contacts.

    • To set followup reminders, Elliot used Remember the Milk, Excel, and labels in Gmail. Remember the Milk allowed him to set reminders to contact people, Excel was used as a "bootleg CRM" to keep track of who was contacted and about what, and Gmail labels were to help Elliot track references in Gmail and Excel.

"The way I worked before worked well enough and I knew how to run it, but it could have been done better."

How did Contactually help?

    • By using Contactually, Elliot found that his three-headed system was all merged into one tool. The reminders, the CRM tracking, and the the organization could all be found in one place, and drastically simplified the workflow, in essence "supercharging" it.

    • In one particular example, by using Contactually Elliot kept in touch with an editor of a national publication to secure national news coverage for his company.

"I swear Contactually spied on me to build their product. The platform has basically taken my system and made it more efficient and effective, both freeing up my time to do other things while allowing me to reach out to more people on a more consistent basis."

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