August 08, 2012

Case study: Dave Knox


About Dave and Rockfish Interactive

Dave Knox is the Chief Marketing Office for Rockfish Interactive, a full-service digital agency that helps its clients improve their communications, brands, and, ultimately, their businesses. He's also a partner in Rockfish Brand Ventures and co-founder of The Brandery, one of the top 10 startup incubators in the country.

Dave is largely responsible for driving business development partnerships at Rockfish and managing his team. He's a busy guy with his hand in a ton of different areas, and (as you can imagine) has a lot of important contacts he needs to consistently stay in touch with.

"Things just get so busy 0n the day-to-day. The ability to just say 'here's 5 people to follow up with' is genius. It gives me a lot of ah-ha moments, especially for people that are popping up from way before I even started with Contactually."

Before Contactually

    • Dave looked to his trusty calendar to remember to follow up with people. If he wanted to check in after 2 weeks and see how things were going, he marked it on the calendar. Had an important due date with a client? Onto the calendar it went.

    • His system worked - sort of - but it was very manual and increasingly tedious. Ultimately, his calendar became too crowded with all the reminders and follow ups started slipping through the cracks.

    • Dave and his team had tried using Zoho CRM before, but it wasn't too user friendly, nor cheap. At the end of the day, the team would consistently go back to calendar reminders to try to remember all their important follow ups.

How did Contactually help?

    • Dave loved Contactually from Day 1. He was able to streamline his overall process for managing contacts and start reconnecting with people that matter.

    • Using the Contactually email reminders, he was prompted to follow up with people he'd completely forgotten about - people he'd emailed months before he started using Contactually.

    • He's starting to use the Contactually-Highrise integration to automatically share all his email contacts with his work CRM. While Rockfish is using Highrise to manage companies and brands, Dave's using Contactually to manage his relationships.

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