July 18, 2012

Case study: Chuck Marunde


Chuck Marunde is an independent realtor, focusing on residential sales in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Chuck started in real estate as a salesman and associate broker, before going to law school and practicing real estate law for 20 years. Chuck has had a strong focus on building his virtual real estate practice, finding and engaging clients using the ever-expanding influence of the internet. He's also a prolific author, having penned a number of books on real estate, the most recent of which being The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents.

Before Contactually

    • Over the years, Chuck has built a strong internet marketing presence, leading him to normally get 2-5 leads a day, and he takes time to respond to those leads with detailed and personal e-mails. However he would normally only recall following up with those who were essentially pursuing him.

    • With every system he tried, he realized that it wasn't doing anything to actually help build key relationships with current and potential customers. The challenge was finding a system that he would actually want to use.

How did Contactually help?

    • Contactually's value instantly became apparent to him when it automatically imported all of his e-mail contacts and recent conversations, a real "wow" moment for him.

    • He had many people in his mailbox who he had just e-mailed once and completely forgotten about. In just one week he was able to reconnect with 60 of those contacts, and immediately started receiving responses back.

    • He estimates that because of Contactually, he now has a dozen new clients. In the next six months, he expects an additional 30-40 additional deals. For him, that's doubling, potentially tripling, his income.

"For the new salesman just starting without a large database of prospects or without a large Internet marketing lead generation system in place, there's no better way to start to build strong relationships than by using Contactually."

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