June 29, 2012

Case study: Christopher McKean Scott


Christopher McKean Scott is currently studying international management at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel, Switzerland, while working as a social media manager at Evian, the water company. In addition to his studies, he runs a small hosting business and a digital consulting agency. Needless to say, Chris is constantly meeting new people - both at school and through his freelance work - and has developed hundreds of important professional relationships.

Before Contactually

    • Chris organized his life through a mix of calendars and to-do lists, all powered by Google Apps. All his contacts are organized in Google Contacts, while all appointments and deliverables are managed via Google Calendar.

    • Ultimately, Chris (like most people) has primarily been focused on actually getting things done. Prior to Contactually, he'd used several tools that aggregate his contact and communication data and show interesting stats, but none of them helped him be more efficient with project management or staying in touch with people.

How did Contactually help?

    • Chris has been one of the earliest users of Contactually, and has seen the product grow and introduce new features every month. Contactually has helped him get a birds-eye view of all his contacts and communication history across several networks: email, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In particular, Chris loves being able to quickly see all recent conversations and identify the highest priority contacts.

    • With the large amount of integration of Contacts, Chris was afraid Contactually would have multiple contact records for the same person across different networks or multiple email address. But, to his surprise, Contactually intelligently merged all his contacts as needed.

    • While Contactually hasn't been fully integrated into Christopher's routine yet, it's becoming an increasingly central and important tool for better organizing his contacts and staying in touch with the people that matter most.

"The biggest 'ah ha' moment I've seen so far has been when merging multiple contacts. Apple and Google seem to always do something wrong in that area, and Contactually nails it!"

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