July 23, 2012

Case study: Charles Carlini


Charles Carlini is the owner of the Carlini Group, a New York-based multimedia company he founded in 1995. Originally the company specialized in managing recording artists and producing concerts and films, but has since expanded to add music licensing, education, and hospitality divisions. Today, the Carlini Group is the holding group for five distinct companies: In Touch Entertainment, Synohsongs, SimplyCharly, Hospitality Savvy, and Bolder Design.

Before Contactually

    • Charles is an incredibly driven and connected entrepreneur, and has built his business on the strength of his relationships. He always tries the latest tools to maximize the potential of his network.

    • Prior to Contactually, he'd tried many different CRMs, most recently Salesforce, Zoho, and Highrise. Overall, he found every CRM to be very difficult to set up, complicated to use, and prohibitively expensive.

    • At the end of the day, even when Charles did start using various CRMs, he still found himself missing opportunities to connect with potential clients. He wanted a product that "would just work" and help him close more business.

How did Contactually help?

    • Charles has loved using Contactually since Day 1. The daily follow up reminders provide him a reason to reach out to a targeted list of potential customers. And those follow ups are already leading to new clients and sales.

    • Charles connected Contactually to his email accounts, Google Contacts, LinkedIn, and Facebook. He regularly uses LinkedIn to find and reach out to new clients; through the integration with Contactually, he's now able to bring all conversations from both LinkedIn and email to the same spot.

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