August 21, 2012

Case study: Brian Sowards


About Brian Sowards and USEED

Brian is an energetic social entrepreneur who uncovers opportunities at the intersection of community and commerce. He is the founder and CEO of USEED, a crowdfunding platform that empowers schools to fundraise as a community. As the founder of a company, Brian maintains that the essence of his job is starting and building strong relationships with all kinds of people every day, whether that means collaborating with other startup CEOs, building relationships with angel investors and VC firms, or reaching out to potential clients.

Before Contactually

    • Brian relied on Google Calendar reminders to manage his contacts and follow-ups. He scheduled text message reminders, but became overwhelmed and ended up ignoring the majority of these texts.

    • As a result, he ended up missing critical follow-ups, and even missed face-to-face meetings. He got used to "that sinking feeling in his gut" that plagued him every time he missed a big opportunity or failed to follow through on an important commitment.

"When you are building new relationships with hundreds of people a month, it's just not possible to stay on top of things without a system like Contactually."

How has Contactually helped?

    • Thanks to Contactually, Brian has fulfilled his goal of maintaining integrity. Now, he does what he says he's going to do, when he says he's going to do it.

    • He loves customizing Contactually's reminders to control how often he follows up with his most important contacts.

    • Contactually's contact pages make it easy for Brian to "pull his thoughts together" for each person.

    • The Bucket Game had Brian "laughing with surprise - it's tons of fun!" He also noted that it bypasses the boredom and annoyance of managing contacts, making it "a breeze."

    • From a business perspective, Brian's goal has been to reach out to and create relationships with a target number of thought leaders and sales prospects each month. That task was extremely daunting and chaotic pre-Contactually. Now he is "a lean, mean, CEO fighting machine thanks to Contactually!"

"It amazes me how fast things can move when you regularly follow up with people. I've read a lot of books on selling, and one tip is universal - follow up. With Contactually, I now know why! Relationships are building faster, and we are discovering opportunities we'd never have found otherwise."

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