September 04, 2012

Case study: Brian Corrigan


About Brian Corrigan and MadGlory Interactive

Brian Corrigan is the CEO of MadGlory Interactive, a product development and online agency company focused on the gaming industry. His experienced team builds complex tools, websites and other applications for major companies like Microsoft, Major League Gaming, and Facebook. Brian and his team needed a tool to make sure that they consistently followed up with the people in MadGlory's deal pipeline to make sure that they continued to bring in new business.

Before Contactually

  • Prior to finding out about Contactually, Brian and his team relied exclusively on Google Contacts and a prioritized list of their friends and colleagues in the industry.

  • Their previous system frustrated Brian because it was unable to track all of the different tools that they used to send messages, such as email, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He also disliked its inefficiency.

"I secured my first contract with one of the world's biggest video game developers in just six weeks due to the way Contactually helped me keep things moving."

How has Contactually helped?

  • Thanks to Contactually, Brian and his team effectively organize themselves and their communications in ways that they could not have done themselves. They now successfully categorize contacts, prioritize follow-ups, and track next actions.

  • Brian loves Contactually's social media integrations, particularly those for Twitter and LinkedIn, which are two of his most frequently used messaging systems.

  • Brian uses the Chrome plug-in for Gmail extensively. He loves that it seamlessly integrates with his inbox so he can bucket contacts and follow up with people without switching between browser tabs.

  • On a personal note, Contactually has helped Brian rediscover friends in the industry with whom he had extensive interactions years ago, but had since fallen out of touch. He says it's been great to re-establish old relationships.

"I love the way that Contactually merges duplicate contact listings into a single record. Additionally, the fact that Contactually also syncs contacts back to Google means that my laptop, iPad, and cell phone will always have the latest contact information. It's great!"