August 15, 2012

Case study: Ben Hanten


About Ben Hanten, Ben's and Two Bridges Capital

Ben Hanten hails from Yankton, South Dakota, and has owned two of his own bars for the past seven years. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, which led to the establishment of his angel fund, Two Bridges Capital LLC. Ben claims that the key to successfully managing multiple ventures like these is staying connected to many types of people, including investors, business contacts, and other entrepreneurs. However, as he's from a pretty small town, he needed a system to keep track of contacts in the places that he can't visit frequently.

Before Contactually

    • Ben relied on the power of his memory and the latest messages in his Gmail inbox to manage his contacts. His daily schedule is always packed, so he often forgot to follow up with people and would lose emails as they traveled further down his inbox. This prevented him from achieving on the high level that he desired.

    • He tried using CRMs like Highrise to accomplish goals, only to find that they either oversimplified critical processes or were too cumbersome for his needs. He needed a tool that struck the delicate balance between functionality and simplicity.

"Because of Contactually, I've started to understand the value of connections more and more."

How has Contactually helped?

    • Ben instantly realized that Contactually makes following up more interesting and engaging than other services. By analyzing his recent trends, he not only knows which people are "falling of the map" compared to the previous month but can also see which of his contacts are most important at that time.

    • Contactually has helped Ben tremendously in staying productive while on the road. He had difficulty capturing important information about potential new hires and bar orders on the fly on his mobile device. Now, Contactually automatically stores this information logically so he can easily reaccess it later. He can't wait for Contactually's planned mobile app so he can track his calls and texts as well!

    • Ben loves how Contactually has "gamified" the email and contact management experience. By providing useful analytics such as percentages and progress reports, he can compare his numerical progress to his sales and other personal and professional goals. This allows him to clearly understand the value of his connections.

"Contactually takes the better features of other start-ups and services that I've tried and integrates them all into one central place."

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