June 22, 2012

Case Study: Basho Mosko


Basho Mosko is the VP of Marketing and Sales at FlixMaster, an HTML5 SaaS product that powers high-engagement interactive videos. He manages all leads, outreach, marketing, and sales for the organization. Basho is also CEO and founder of BASHO & friends, an internationally focused children's media company.

Before Contactually

    • For the past several years, FlixMaster has been using Salesforce to store and manage all their potential lead and customer contacts. Basho was using the Salesforce BCC function to add new contacts to Salesforce and add email communication as needed.

    • The problem, however, was that Basho and the rest of his team would often forget to BCC emails into Salesforce, resulting in "a lot of lost email threads and general confusion." They started emailing leads exclusively from within Salesforce, but this limitation was very annoying and prevented him from using his regular email client. He and the team needed a better way to tightly integrate their CRM with their email.

How did Contactually help?

    • The biggest benefit of Contactually so far has been the tight email integration. Without Basho doing anything, new contacts are automatically added to Salesforce and all email history is organized in one central spot for every contact.

    • In addition, Basho loves the Contactually Chrome Gmail plugin to quickly categorize his contacts via buckets. By doing so, Basho can ensure that he receives followup reminders for only the most important contacts in his network, and that only certain categorizes of contacts are synced with Salesforce.

    • In general, Basho is now using Contactually for his day-to-day contact management and follow up reminders, while continuing to keep Salesforce updated for the rest of his team. He likes the simple design and clarity of the Contactually dashboard.

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