July 20, 2012

Case study: Avery Boyce


About Avery and Keller Williams

Avery Boyce is a realtor at Keller Williams, the second largest residential real estate company in the US, and is based in Washington, DC. Prior to KW, Avery was a realtor at Long & Foster, a business consultant at The TLT Group, and the founder and CEO at an online startup.

Before Contactually

    • Avery has a wide network of relationships - previous customers, colleagues, and friends - spanning her email, social media accounts, and company CRM. Prior to Contactually, she would try to stay in touch with these contacts, but always had the nagging feeling that many people were slipping through the cracks.

    • For the past few years, Avery had used Highrise to store and manage all her real estate prospects and customers. However, adding new contacts and emails to Highrise was time-consuming and tedious; she didn't want to have to constantly add new information.

    • Since joining Keller Williams, Avery had access to the company's own CRM, eEdge, in addition to her Highrise account. While both systems provided a lot of functionality, neither were actually helping her stay in touch with the contacts that mattered. She wanted a better solution.

How did Contactually help?

    • The aspect of Contactually that Avery likes best so far is the seamless integration between Google Apps and Highrise. Every time she emails a new prospect from her personal or Keller Williams email accounts, Contactually automatically adds all notes and contact info to Highrise. All her contact info is constantly kept in sync.

    • Avery also uses the follow up reminders in Contactually. She set up buckets - like Prospects, Current Clients, and Colleagues - with specific reminder intervals for each one. Now she doesn't have to worry about any important contacts falling off her radar, and is staying in touch with the people that matter most.

    • The integration with LinkedIn has also been a huge help. After adding her LinkedIn account to Contactually, Avery was notified whenever she wasn't connected to one of her contacts on LinkedIn, and could add them with the click of a button directly from Contactually.

    • Avery is using Contactually nearly every day now, and is looking forward to new features and integrations, particularly integration with Google Tasks and Calendar. Ultimately, she sees Contactually as the personal assistant for everything concerning her professional contacts.


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