August 17, 2012

Case study: Amy Schmittauer


About Amy Schmittauer and Savvy Sexy Social

Amy Schmittauer is an independent social relations marketing consultant. Her website,, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their online and social media presence. It's imperative to Amy that she connects with people in her network so that it can consistently grow. This communications-centric approach is the backbone of her business. Referrals are the key to her success.

Before Contactually

    • Amy used CRM tools like Highrise to house the information of her most important contacts at any given time. Unfortunately, Highrise limited the number of contacts stored in the database; she could only input the contacts who were absolutely essential to her business.

    • Amy says that it was "unnatural" for her to log in to Highrise and input information about her latest email exchange or phone conversation. Because of the tedium involved with logging in, she fell out of the habit of contacting people regularly.

"Before Contactually, I never met my goal of interacting with five people a day. It turned into five people a month, quickly."

How has Contactually helped?

    • Contactually immediately changed the way Amy tracks her contacts and connects with people by making the process seamless. Thanks to the automatic follow-up reminders and the Gmail plugin, she now wakes up every day ready to connect with her network and doesn't have to log in to another database to do so. Contactually's automation and integration functionalities make it easy for Amy to stay on top of her connections.

    • Prior to Contactually, Amy was lucky if she followed up with one person a day. Now with Contactually, she interacts with at least seven people a day, far exceeding her original goals. In fact, in only her first two weeks using the service, Amy followed up with 55 of her most important contacts!

    • While Contactually answered Amy's prayers with its seamless email integration, she knew she had struck even more gold once the service started accurately merging her duplicate contacts. Clearly, Contactually's automatic and accurate nature has helped Amy immensely.

    • Amy loves the Bucket Game, and thinks it is a really fun way to quickly iron out and prioritize those initial connections. She even felt pangs of disappointment when she had nobody left to bucket.

"Contactually was exactly what I needed to raise my levels of productivity. It's such a seamless product for me to use, and has transformed me into the power connector that I need to be to grow and strengthen my business."

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