June 19, 2012

Case Study: Alex Jacobi

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About Alex Jacobi

Alex Jacobi is the owner of a recording studio based in Cologne, Germany. He works with many different advertising agencies, and is always looking for new ways for he and his team to proactively engage more professional contacts on a regular basis.

Before Contactually

    • Prior to Contactually, Alex had used many different CRMs, including Salesforce and Highrise. The problem, however, was that Alex felt they were either too big and complicated for his small team, or too feature--lacking for his team's needs. There didn't seem to be a solution that ideally fit his business's needs.

    • For the past two years, Alex and his team have been using Highrise to manage all their contacts, but - in his own words - "they're outgrowing Highrise." Ultimately, he wanted a way to extend Highrise's functionality to better fit with his team's workflow, including tighter email integration.

How did Contactually help?

    • From Day 1, Alex loved the Bucket Game to quickly and easily tag his contacts in Highrise. Rather than having to manually add tags to contacts in Highrise, Alex and his team could quickly tag about 30 contacts a minute.

    • Alex also found Contactually integrated really well with his team's overall workflow. Every day he receives follow up reminders via the Contactually morning email, and doesn't have to log into another service. Alex then passes those recommendations along to his account manager, where he can quickly send follow up emails as needed.

    • At the end of the day, Alex wanted one "central data storage" where he could store all information - names, phone numbers, addresses, notes, and emails - for each of the contacts his team communicates with. Through Contactually's integration with Highrise, he can ensure that all his contact data is constantly in sync and all contacts are always added.

    • The best part of Contactually has been the "gamification of the CRM." No one on his team ever liked using their CRM, but compliance with Contactually has been higher than anything before. A fun and easy--to--use CRM helps his team use the features more fully.

"Right from the start, I found a lot of people that weren't even in Highrise, and Contactually made it simple to sync everyone. I was shocked at all the people we were missing."

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