August 03, 2012

Case Study: Adam and Rick Steiner Fell & Benowitz LLP


About Adam and Rick Steiner Fell & Benowitz LLP

Adam Steiner is an associate at Rick Steiner Fell & Benozwitz LLP, a New York-based law firm. The firm provides legal services across a broad range of practice areas to senior executives and corporations -- including many of America's largest financial institutions -- across many industries. Adam has been practicing law for the past five years and was previously the CEO at a web startup.

Before Contactually

    • Adam has a personal and professional network of hundreds of contacts and, while he tried to stay in touch with them all on a regular basis, would often find himself forgetting important people.

    • He had tried multiple systems for staying in touch - a notebook on the side of his desk and a text document on his computer - but regularly contacting all his leads proved impossible. He was regularly behind.

"Contactually reminds me, automatically, who I haven't contacted lately. With a single click I can ignore them or enter information (like phone calls), which are then saved. Contactually is my brain for contacting my contacts."

How did Contactually help?

    • By using Contactually, Adam no longer had to keep his own manual system of reminders and follow ups. He started more regularly reconnecting with his friends and colleagues, and didn't have to worry that someone was slipping through the cracks.

    • Adam also started getting reminders for relationships that had completely fallen off his radar: the potential client he met six months ago at a conference or the former classmate working in another city. He had a constant flow of these seemingly low-level contacts that were easy to gloss over and forget during the hectic day. Contactually made it easy to highlight and stay in touch with those important potential sources of business.

    • Beyond his own personal use, Adam set up Contactually for the other partners in his firm to use, such that everyone is able to easily share contact information and notes about all current and potential clients. All the firm's contact info is now in sync and no one had to enter in any info by hand.

"With Contactually, I spend more time focusing on my potential client and peer relationships, both increasing productivity and improving my workflow. Contactually has greatly increased the value of my network."


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