December 20, 2016

In case you missed it -- Contactually's new feature recap


You may have been busy with family and friends. You could be last minute holiday shopping. Maybe you're getting ready to close out 2016. Whatever the reason, if you missed the updates coming out of Contactually -- here's your chance to catch up. Everything you need to know so you can fully leverage Contactually's new features to help you achieve all of your 2017 goals.

Handwritten Cards

We all know communication is key. But when you're competing for time against a barrage of digital messages and full inboxes, how do you ensure your message stands out? Introducing Contactually's newest way to connect with your relationships -- sending cards. Finally, a way to make your contacts feel special, without the time and hassle. Send a beautiful handwritten card to your recipient with a few simple clicks.

It's not too late to get your cards in for the holidays. Be sure to send a handwritten card through Contactually by December 17th if you want it to arrive on time.

Email Template Analytics

Email templates make it easier to personalize your message in less time. Use them to combat writer's block, and compose the perfect message catered for the right moment. Imagine knowing exactly which of your templates perform the best. With email template analytics, discover what's working and what isn't and start sending better emails to your network.

Have a Program you're piecing together for your automated marketing campaign? Now you'll know exactly which template to use to make the largest impact.

ScaleMail Tracking

ScaleMail is one of Contactually's most powerful features. But admittedly, it lacked one key piece...tracking. You take time to personalize and bulk message your contacts, but it was never easy to see what was working. With this update you'll now be able to track exactly how well your ScaleMails are performing.

Try it out: send a ScaleMail then track your clicks, opens, and replies.

Greater Insights

User Activity

Ever wonder where the time goes? Days fly by with emails, calls and meetings, but it's usually hard to track the progress made. With User Activity Insights it's easier to identify what's working and change what's not. Uncover the impact you and your team has made over time. Push your top performers to keep going, and drive the middle to be better.

Contact Engagement

Which clients are taking up hours of phone time? How many meetings have you invested with a specific prospect? User Activity Insights help you uncover what you and your team are doing all together. Contact Engagement Insights will help you drill down a little deeper. Take a look at where you and your team members are spending the most time.

It's now easier to get a gauge of exactly how you and your team are interacting with your network.

Stay tuned for 2017

As the year winds down get geared up for 2017. Be on the lookout for features early next year to help you accomplish your new year's resolution.

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