November 12, 2018

Caroline's Top 10 Contactually Tips


Key Takeaways

  • Make Contactually part of your daily routine. Knockout your follow-ups first thing in the morning to make sure you're consistently reaching out to your database.
  • Start small. Focus on organizing one group of contacts at a time.
  • Complete all Dashboard prompts each day.
  • Keep it simple! Most of the time, a quick follow-up is all you need.

Caroline’s Best Practices for Contactually

You might have heard it before, the best CRM is the one that you use. And as someone who has worked with thousands of users over the last few years, I absolutely believe it to be true.

Think of a gym membership, are you going to see results and hit your goals just by having the membership? Of course not. There’s more to it than that.

The story with your new CRM is much the same. Because after you invest in a CRM, the real work and dedication begins. But don’t worry! You’re not in this alone.

As a Customer Success Manager, my job is to guide you through the best practices and strategies you need for Contactually to have a major impact on your business and professional relationships. Think of me as your very own Contactually personal trainer!

Ready to get to work?

Caroline’s Top 10 Contactually Tips

  1. Set aside 15-20 minutes for Contactually every day. And do it first thing in the morning! Pair up Contactually with something you do every day, like Coffee and Contactually, and knockout your follow-ups while you drink your morning cup of joe. Because just like you set aside time for prospecting and appointments, you need to set aside time for your database as well. Stick with it and it’ll become routine.
  2. Start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a well-oiled CRM will take time too. So start small. Pick one group of contacts (I recommend starting with Past Clients) and only focus on organizing those contacts first. Organize them into a Bucket, add in closing dates, and start checking in with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Baby steps!
  3. Complete all Dashboard prompts each day. You heard not put off your tasks until tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow you will have more tasks to complete! Your dashboard is the most important part of Contactually. This is where we tell you who you need to follow up with.
  4. Use the Recurring Events field for closing anniversaries and birthdays. Closing anniversaries and birthdays are the perfect milestones to get in front of your clients each year and let them know you’re thinking about them!
  5. No more than 10-15 Buckets. Remember, Buckets are for your most important contacts—you don’t want them to fall through the cracks. Keep them to a minimum and use Tags to label people in more detail. For instance, you should have one “Open House Leads” Bucket, and all contacts in the Bucket tagged according to the address they visited (123 Main Street, 45 New Ave, etc.).
  6. Log everything! You talk to lots of people throughout the day and can’t remember every single conversation. Use Contactually to log as much information as you can (phone calls, notes, meetings, and so on.). Not only will this help you stay on top of your relationships, but it’ll also allow Contactually to know which contacts are truly falling through the cracks. Just imagine how Sally will feel when you ask her how her family trip to Disneyland was…
  7. You don’t need to Bucket everyone. Only Bucket contacts that are important enough to stay in touch with consistently. And the contacts that aren’t in a Bucket? They’ll still be a part of your contact list, we just won’t give you reminders for them. You can Tag them (or even Archive them if you don’t want them in your database at all).
  8. Get organized and communicate in bulk. We have some great tools that allow you to update a number of contacts at once—you can Tag, Bucket, or Archive multiple contacts. It’s much faster than going one by one! This also applies to communication: ScaleMail is a great tool that allows you to follow up with multiple contacts at the same time, but it’s far more personalized that conventional email blasts.
  9. Use the data you have! Contactually provides you with powerful data through our intelligent features. Since we automatically locate social media profiles, I recommend using them to learn as much as you can about a contact: see if you have any friends in common, check if they recently had a life event, etc.
    You can also see which contacts are opening your emails and which aren’t. Try calling or texting the contacts that aren’t opening your email.
  10. Keep it simple. Our mission at Contactually is simple: we want to help you build and grow great relationships.
    You do that by staying in touch with people in a personal and authentic way. Don’t overthink it. The most personal emails are the ones that are short and sweet, “Hi Mike! It’s been a while since we last spoke and just wanted to say a quick “hello”. Hope things are going great for you! Let’s catch up soon.”