April 20, 2017

Building Real Relationships As Long-Term Business Gains, with Chris Fralic


Chris Fralic is one of the most intentional, genuine people I know when it comes to building relationships. He sees himself as a connection maker and works hard to ensure that he's thinking long-term instead of simply transactional.

On this episode of Real Relationships, Chris shares how he developed his emphasis on relationships, why it's important for business builders, and how it applies to things like follow-up, email, and introductions. You'll get a ton of value from this conversation with Chris.

You've got to see relationships as long-term opportunities that stretch beyond one transaction.

Too often in the business world, people network or connect with an aim to closing a deal or getting an introduction that will lead to a closed deal. But Chris Fralic has learned - sometimes the hard way - that relational opportunities he has now are something he needs to foster and develop over time because the transaction is not the only thing to consider.

There may be interactions or benefits that come to both sides of a relationship in the future that won't happen if the relationship is not taken seriously. Find out how Chris builds the real relationships that come back to him in great ways later, on this episode.

How do you get around the icky factor that you often feel when building business relationships?

We all know the feeling. Someone asks for an introduction to someone we know - or we are meeting with someone who was introduced to us and there's that "icky" feeling that comes from knowing the interaction is probably only aimed at gaining a pitch opportunity. Is it possible to get around that dynamic - and if so, how? My guest on this episode, Chris Fralic shares a handful of tips you'll find helpful, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Can you execute the right level of email responsiveness and still be authentic?

There are so many automation tools for email these days, and for good reason. We all need to make the most of our time and responding to emails is not always one of our high-level tasks. But Chris Fralic says that everyone needs to know how to do email from a relational perspective if they are going to be a long-term success. On this episode of Real Relationships, Chris shares exactly what he means by that statement and how he applies it in his own busy life.

Are you creating obligations for others in the introductions you make?

It happens quite often that people hear a podcast or conversation about the importance of being of value to others by being a connector. But too often those novice connectors jump right in by making "obligated" introductions. If you aren't sure what that means then you need to hear this conversation I had with Chris Fralic. He's got some great tips for how you can introduce people in a way that graciously gives both sides an out. It's a considerate step in making introductions that will position you as a considerate person in the minds of both parties. You don't want to miss this one.

Outline of this great episode

    • [0:34] Chris Fralic - today's guest on Real Relationships.

    • [1:35] Where Chris' passion for building great relationships comes from.

    • [3:58] How Chris has grown his relationship building skills over the years.

    • [6:55] Getting around the "icky" feeling that can come from business relationship building.

    • [10:04] The long term game of relationships and the challenges of keeping that truth top of mind.

    • [18:49] Why Chris believes everyone has to learn to be good at email.

    • [24:54] The reason Chris emphasizes doing work upfront before making introductions.

    • [30:36] The one most non-obvious but important tactic for building relationships.

    • [32:52] How to connect with Chris.

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