October 13, 2016

Building a Real Estate Business Through Love and Service, with Alyssa Hellman

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Alyssa Hellman is building a successful real estate business in ways that are contrary to the tried and true tactics of most real estate professionals. She says she's not in sales, she's in the service business. She majors on caring for people before closing transactions. And she's truly helpful rather than sales-y. On this episode, I'm chatting with Alyssa about the things that are working for her as she builds a successful real estate and training business in Raleigh, NC. You'll love her contagious attitude of caring and by the end of the conversation, I know you'll really believe what she's saying: Relationships matter more.

NOTE: Since we recorded, Alyssa has joined the team at Bamboo Realty.

How building a real estate business was almost accidental for Alyssa.

It was Alyssa's own experience of buying a home that motivated her to check out the real estate business for herself. It's not that she had a bad experience, she just saw how it could have been so much more than it was. The customer service was lacking, it was much more transactional than relational, and she felt that she had something of great value to add to the real estate industry that could change all of that. Now she's ultra successful as a result of applying her service-first mindset and is training other agents how to experience the same type of success through a real estate business that they can be proud of. I like Alyssa. A LOT. I think you will too, so I hope you listen.

Do love and service belong in the real estate industry? You bet!

Though every real estate agent needs to sell homes, Alyssa Hellman doesn't believe the business is primarily about sales. It's about caring for people. A real estate transaction is one of the most nerve-wracking, stressful purchases the average person will ever make and Alyssa believes that serving people in a compassionate and caring way as they go through that kind of transaction is what makes the process not only successful for her but enjoyable for her clients. On this episode, you'll get to know why Alyssa's mantra is, "Care More." And you'll see how she applies it to her own real estate business and the training she provides to new agents.

If you don't know what makes you different, neither will your prospects.

Differentiation is a powerful concept that most business people simply don't understand. It's not necessarily that you have a better product or smarter approach (though you may), it's how you make the purchasing experience different that sets you apart. Is dealing with you enjoyable or even fun? Do your clients refer you because they know, like, and trust you as a person? If not, you need to discover the things that make you and your sales process a unique and powerful experience for the customer and get to work applying it. My guest on this episode is Alyssa Hellman, a superstar real estate agent in Raleigh, NC who majors on making her client experiences wonderful. You'll learn a lot by listening to what she has to share on this episode.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to care, not market.

Every business person needs to know how to market and how to sell. That's a given. But not every opportunity or relationship is about marketing or sales. Before it ever goes there it has to be about caring for the person. So don't throw your business card into every birthday card. Just send the card because you care. Don't bring up your latest closing in the next conversation you have. Just listen and show interest in the person you're talking with. Your real estate business will thrive when your prospects and clients get the feeling that you care about them - and that it doesn't matter if you ever sell them a home or not. You just want to care for them. Find out how Alyssa Hellman has made a successful real estate career out of caring for people, on this episode of Real Relationships.

Outline of this great episode

    • [0:49] My introduction of Alyssa Hellman and why she's a great person for this show.

    • [1:43] Why Alyssa chose the Real Estate path: to provide amazing experiences.

    • [6:15] How can a person learn how to build good relationships?

    • [8:55] How to make the transition from loving people to relationships as part of business.

    • [10:07] Advice for new agents to turn relationships into a source of business.

    • [12:31] The most important key marketing tool for new agents: a handshake.

    • [13:30] Why all the new online paid advertising options?

    • [15:23] Why differentiation is a powerful concept agents need to learn.

    • [18:15] How to make the "ask" in the right way, without being pushy.

    • [21:23] What are agents forgetting the most when it comes to lead generation?

    • [27:23] Tactics to spend 50% of your time to build your pipeline and future leads.

    • [30:57] One connection who has impacted Alyssa's life.

    • [31:31] Alyssa's biggest "ask" and challenge.

    • [31:47] The greatest tool Alyssa encourages you to get.

    • [32:06] Alyssa's biggest piece of advice: care more.

    • [32:45} How you can connect with Alyssa.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

    • alyssa(at)bambooagents(dot)com