January 10, 2019

Better Habits, Better Relationships


Based on a Contactually Facebook Live event featuring Paul Fincher, General Manager at Coldwell Banker Kennon, Parker, Duncan & Davis.

Key Takeaways

  • The best agents get the vast majority of their business from referrals and repeat clients, so you need to start systematically growing this portion of your business
  • You can’t build the right habits if you have too many tools and systems that you aren’t actively using
  • Identify an approach for communicating with those you already know, and those you want to add to your network
  • Set small goals and stick to your plan

Take Inventory of Your Current Tech Stack

Before you identify which habits to build, take an honest assessment of everything you and your agents are doing, including the technology and how many different tools are being used. Paul describes this as “unhooking” your technology. As a Broker/Manager, you may struggle with how to prioritize which tools need more promotion or training if you are dealing with tens or hundreds of systems.

“If a tool doesn’t bring value to your business, don’t use it.”

Organize Your Contacts into a Database That Your Agents Will Use

As Paul suggests, “the best place to get business is your database.” Categorize your network into the different groups of people that can help drive the most value: past buyers, past sellers, other real estate industry connections (like mortgage brokers and title companies), your SOI (sphere of influence), etc.

Select tools that are intuitive, user-friendly, as automated as possible, and tools that talk to other platforms. This reduces administrative/office work and frees up your schedule so you can spend more time with your customers.

Per Paul, “You have to believe in whatever it is you are using. If you just get on a platform and you don’t believe it will help your business, you just won’t use it.” When you have selected a CRM, bring components in slowly, so you aren’t overwhelmed on where to start. Start with the features you need right away, learn those and use them, then add more.

Figure Out How Often to Follow Up, and What to Say

Not all contacts are created equal. The people who are most important to your business should get priority, and you should be consistently talking to them. Set follow-up reminders so you’re automatically alerted when someone is close to falling through the cracks. If you find yourself “snoozing” follow-ups, ask yourself:

  • Do I have too many reminders?
  • Do I have the right timers set for each contact?
  • If I’ve snoozed someone multiple times, is this someone I need to follow-up with - or should I archive this contact?

Paul also suggests coming up with a way to systematically approach “people you know” (those past clients and sphere), and “people you don’t know” (new leads, those you are trying to get business from). Regardless of group, the key is to be authentic and personal; add value to your client interactions (send an interesting article, recommend a new restaurant), so you aren’t always asking for business.

Building Habits Takes Time, So Start with Simple Goals

Following up with all your contacts is not an easy task. Block time on your calendar to do this at least 1-2 times per week. Seek out an “accountability” buddy (this could be a mentor, a real estate coach, someone in your office, or even just a friend) who can help keep you on task. Set goals to follow-up with at least 10 contacts per week. Do this for a month. If you keep reaching your goals, upgrade the number of follow-ups. If not, reduce the number back down. Make sure your goals are achievable - since the more you accomplish, the more likely you are to stick with the plan.


From a Broker/Manager perspective, Paul believes in the power of relationship-building.

“Contactually has become the cornerstone for the technology suite that we offer our agents. When we started implementing this technology our agents became much happier and our recruiting numbers have shot through the roof!”  

We’re pleased to have customers like Paul who believe in Contactually. Now go get started building better habits!