January 31, 2012

The Best Time to Send Emails


Have you ever wondered why you haven't heard back from a few of your clients? Maybe you have been sending them emails at the wrong time! The first thing to think about when sending an email to one of your contacts would be to think about his or her schedule. For example, a realtor is always on the go, whether it be showing houses, or having lunch with clients. If you're sending an email to a realtor, you might want to think back to when you met that person and what time he or she talked to you. When meeting a contact, you should be aware of the timings that the person works, as well as try to squeeze in conversation about when a person may be available to meet. Knowing when a person is available, or has free time, might be the best way to sending an email at the right time.

Generally, people are more productive during the week rather than the beginning or end. The most ideal days to send an email would be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Mondays put people in a weekend recovery mode, and is not a productive day in terms of reading emails. Rather, people are catching up on any work they may have missed from the previous week, or anything they need to catch up on from the weekend. "Casual Fridays" call for a wrap-up of the week, and a forward look to the weekend. The middle of the week is when the most productivity occurs, and that is when you should send emails.

So, we've figured out the days, now when is the ideal time to send an email? According to email marketing manager MailChimp, the peak time that an email is opened is around 3pm. Although their target audience for emails is recipients of email marketing newsletters, this is generally a good estimate on when emails are opened. If you want to reach a person at the time that they are most free, and focused primarily on email, then sending an email around noontime would be most ideal. Lunch breaks are when people are not focusing on work, but are browsing through content that they find interesting, and checking their email on the side. Of course you want to take your lunch too, but if you really want to grab the attention of a client, or a top lead, then you might have to make a few sacrifices to get what you want.

There are a few things to remember when you're sending emails. First of all, remember that there are different time zones, and depending on your recipient, you don't want to send an email when the recipient will receive it at 3am. Secondly, make sure you are personalizing the email to your recipient. Nobody wants to receive an email that is greeting a "Tim," when the actual recipient is a "Mary." Be careful to review your email to ensure that you are sending the correct email to the correct person.

So the ideal days to send emails are Tuesday through Thursday, and the best time would be in the afternoon. What are you waiting for? Start sending those emails! :)