August 11, 2011

Becoming Contactually


When we were first starting up, we needed a name. Unfortunately, someone had already registered the domain name, so we had to look for other options. We did the usual thing - sit around for minutes at a time and come up with various combinations of words (hint - if you're not using and, you're doing something wrong). We wanted something related to the idea of building relationships, strengthening contacts. Hrm, strengthening... enforcing...


We knew it wasn't the best name out there, but as we were getting ready to launch our prototype, we didn't want to be held up by a name. So we ran with it, and definitely did well during that period.

But as we kept pitching the idea to people, it became crystal clear. That's a terrible name for our product. When I hear the name now, I immediately think of an IT security company, not a professional contact tool. So we knew we had to change.

Hours on instantdomainsearch later.... Contacts. Context. Contactually.

So the Enforcery brand is gone. We are Contactually, and we're bringing context to your contacts.