June 29, 2017

How to Become Top of Mind to Your Ideal Clients, with Sean Carpenter


What does it take to become the top of mind person in your niche - you know, the person people in the community think of when they think of that business or niche? My guest on this episode, Sean Carpenter has proven what it takes to become top of mind. He says it's relationships and that in his business (real estate), houses are the widgets used to foster beneficial relationships.

He's never focused on selling a house or listing a property - he's focused on helping the people who live in the houses or helping the people who need to sell the house. It's served him incredibly well.

Be sure you listen to get a taste of why Sean is an outstanding mentor in his part of the country when it comes to real estate success.

Want to be top of mind? Remember to solve problems.

Sean Carpenter reminds us that when you are able to truly solve problems that real people have, you become a trusted advisor and a great resource to them. And if you can do it in a way that makes the experience fun and memorable, you're well on the way to being their top of mind person in your industry. Sean shares how you can work toward having people think of you specifically when they think of your discipline and business niche, on this episode of Real Relationships.

Confidence, competence, and consistency give people a positive feeling about you.

And that's what it takes to become top of mind for your ideal clients. They need to first KNOW that you can do the job, and then they have to know that you WILL do the job reliably. It's the act of building trust and it happens over time. Those are the kinds of relationships that make you so valuable to people that they can't help but think of you. Find out how to go about building that kind of awareness in the minds of others from Sean Carpenter, on this episode of Real Relationships.

When it comes to maintaining relationships, either you control your schedule or someone else does.

Most people feel that the follow-up or consistency needed to keep up with online or distance relationships is not possible for them. But most people who say that simply aren't in control of their schedule and haven't prioritized the activity of follow-up as a business building activity they need to do every day. Sean Carpenter describes how he's been able to put a consistent practice of follow-up in place in spite of his busy schedule and gives some great advice on who you can start doing the same, on this episode.

Remembering and using people's names is the most non-obvious thing to move you forward.

When I asked Sean Carpenter for the most non-obvious but important thing he would advise his younger self to do in order to be successful, he responded without skipping a beat. He said that it's vital to learn how to remember and use people's names. Your name is the only aspect of language that you own personally, and the power of using someone's name not only blesses and benefits them, it also makes you stand out in their minds because few people take the time to remember and use their name. Find out more simple but powerful tips like this from my guest, Sean Carpenter by listening to this episode.

Outline of this great episode

    • [0:35] Zvi's introduction of Sean Carpenter, Realtor and business builder.

    • [2:01] Why Sean sees relationships as a critical part of life and business.

    • [4:34] How Sean lost his fear of strangers and began building relationships.

    • [6:36] The important task of building relationships day to day over the years.

    • [10:13] Bridging the gap between urgent and important in your business and life.

    • [17:54] Dealing with the unexpected issues that arise.

    • [19:30] How to set up your business to be successful: prioritize your day.

    • [21:17] The way Sean built a structured, successful business and life.

    • [24:34] The most non-obvious but important tactic Sean has found in business.

    • [27:59] Sean's ask from you, the listener.

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