March 17, 2017

Automatically Capture and Follow Up with Facebook Leads in Contactually


In case you're not familiar with Contactually yet, we created it because we saw the importance of building and maintaining authentic relationships in our business. Part of that means capturing the relationship at the very beginning. While Contactually does not help you with lead generation (other than leads you're getting through your network), what we can do is help you build a relationship once you get that lead.

In an example of the power and flexibility of the Contactually platform, we're going to show you how you can capture someone who clicks on one of your Facebook ads, drop them into Contactually, and immediately start following up with them.

To use that, we're going to create a Facebook Lead Ad, and use Zapier to connect that to Contactually. If you're not familiar with Zapier, think of it as the glue that helps to connect applications together.

Start following up with Facebook Leads...

Step 1: Create the Facebook Ad

Head to the Facebook Ad Manager, select your ads account (you may have to quickly create one if you don't have one yet), and click Create Ad. Make sure you create a Lead Generation Ad. Call it what you want. For me, I'm going to promote our latest podcast.

I'm going to let you decide what you want to do for targeting - you have many, many options. I'm going to choose people in the U.S. who are interested in real estate. Know that you can tweak this of course - you can target people who like your page, live in certain countries, etc. and narrow down who will see your Ad based on those parameters!

Set your budget and schedule. I'm going to recommend you keep it simple at first - I'm choosing that I'm only going to spend $31 total. Create your creative. You have a lot of options here - I'm just going to choose something really simple.

The next section is where you create a Lead Form. A Lead Form is the actual form that will capture the information you want from your leads that will get passed on to you. The important thing when creating the form is to ensure that you uncheck "Full Name" and then check "First name" and "Last name" - Contactually needs those separately rather than the single entry.

Step 2: Create the Zapier Zap

Just keep in mind, Zapier is like one of those old school telephone switchboards. It lets you send data from one place to another. In the next few steps, we have to tell Zapier how to send information from our Facebook Lead Ad to our bucket in Contactually. So head over to Zapier...and we'll create your ZAP!

For Trigger App, you'll want to choose Facebook Lead Ads, then Connect New Account. Facebook will ask for your permission, go ahead and click Continue. Select the Facebook Page that the ad is associated with, and then the Lead Form you created. At every step of the process, Zapier will want to try and connect to verify that your Zap is working. Make sure to click Connect & Continue when you have those options.

For Choose an Action App, you'll want to select Contactually. You'll then be asked to connect your Contactually account, so go ahead and sign in, connect Zapier to Contactually and you're almost there... First things first, you'll want to create a contact from these leads, right? Go ahead and Create a Contact. Next to First Name, click the icon on the right, and select from Facebook, then First Name. Repeat the same for Last Name and do the same with Email. You can then click Continue.

When Done, click Add a step. You created the contact, but we want to do a bit more, right?

Select Contactually again, then Find Bucket by Name. Under Search Query, type in the name of the Contactually bucket you want to add this contact to, then save that step. Click Add a Step again, select Contactually, then click Bucket Contact. So now we have to connect the contact that we created to the bucket in Contactually. So under the menu next to Contact ID, select the Create Contact step, then ID. This is basically grabbing the identifier of the Contactually contact.

Then, under Bucket ID, click Find Bucket then ID. The last step is to name and turn on your Zap! Let's head over to Contactually. Not much going on here yet, except it already dropped in the test contact! Woohoo!

All the leads...

So to recap, whenever anyone clicks on our ad and fills out the form, Zapier will add that contact to a bucket in our Contactually account within a few minutes. That's really powerful - from there, you can have a program automatically send out an email, prompt you to follow up a day or two later, and much more!