June 05, 2015

Attention Salesforce users... Contactually now has a Default BCC setting!


It may not sound sexy, but if you use Contactually with a traditional CRM like Salesforce, this is kind of a big deal.

It's one of the most common use cases for Contactually -- you rely on a big CRM (like Salesforce) for business and transaction data, but you'd rather do your day-to-day follow-up work in Contactually. It makes a lot of sense (hey, it's what we do!), but it also means you need an easy to way to ensure that all of your emails with business relationships get synced into your big CRM.

Hey look, it's Salesforce.

B-C-C You Later

Fortunately, you don't necessarily need complex integration with a CRM in order to pass emails to it -- many of these systems provide you an address that you can send emails to that will cause them to be added to your records. Contactually has always allowed you to do this manually, but for many customers that field never changes, and it's easy to forget. Since nobody likes having a partially-complete history of email interactions, we've added a default BCC setting to Contactually so you can set this field once, and have it automatically applied to all of the emails you send through the app (although you can always toggle it off for an individual message).

So... here's how to set this up.

"Set it... and forget it!"

We made setting a default BCC address really easy. Just visit your Settings page, and click Email.

Then, scroll down to the Default Subject, Signature, and BCC section, and enter a Default BCC Address. Note that while this is particularly useful for working with something like Salesforce, we're just talking about email here -- you could use this feature to send your emails to a backup account, or any other service, person, or place you want.

Then, click Save Settings, and you're done. That's literally it.

What if I DON'T want to BCC this one email?

If for whatever reason you're sending a follow-up or other correspondence that you don't want to also send to your default BCC, it's easy to turn off. Just click the little BCC checkbox, and it'll be toggled off for this email. And of course, you can also add as many additional BCCs as you'd like.

That's it! Sure, it's a little thing, but we know from talking to many of you that it's a game-changer when it comes to baking Contactually into big-time business procedures, and we want to make sure everybody knows it's available. So get in there, sync up your emails, and let us know what else we can do to make Contactually more useful in your multi-system workflow.