March 31, 2012

Are you ready for World Backup Day?

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World Backup Day is today, March 31, and whether you're a small business, a power user, or just a regular chip off the old block backing up your data is a great thing to do. Hard drives fail, and unfortunately, the question is not "if" they do, it's "when" they do it. Performing a regular backup can save you time, money, and, more importantly, headaches. We here at Contactually use a few backup solutions ranging from easy and simple to something more complex and feature rich. Here's what we like.

  • External hard drive - Traditional hard drives are cheap, ubiquitous, and simple to use for easy backup and restore sessions. You can never beat the standardized way of doing things. If it ain't broke, as they say. Also, it's just really quick and dirty. Windows and OS X have built-in solutions, so if you decide to go with an external hard drive backup you've got options readily available.

  • Dropbox (site) - Dropbox has been around for what seems like forever and a half (since 2008, to be exact), and it's been one of the more common names when it comes to cloud storage solutions. It's free for 2 GB of storage -- which is pretty good for all those documents you own. And with the service you get the ability to sync across mobile devices and computers and share storage with coworkers.

  • Box (site) - Like Dropbox, Box is also a web-based cloud storage client. Because it markets itself as a more full-featured service, it provides a wide range of plans for the individual and professional. However, unlike Dropbox, only the professional plans allow for the syncing of desktop files. But Box does have neat features for their pro packages such as Google apps syncing.

  • Amazon Cloud Drive (site) - The new kid on the block is shaking things up on the cheap with 5 GB of free data and plans starting at $20/year for 20 GB of data including unlimited music storage. It's admittedly not as full-featured as some of the previously mentioned solutions, but if you want a straightforward "storage locker" of sorts, this may be what you're looking for.

Do you use anything we haven't mentioned? But more importantly, are you backing up your data? Voice off in comments below.

Don't forget to check out the official World Backup Day site for sweet deals on backup solutions and general info on backing up data.