December 04, 2013

Announcing Pipelines: Deal Visualization Made Easy

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After much anticipation and countless requests from Contactually users, we are very excited to announce the release of our new Pipelines feature!


[caption id="attachment_4039" align="aligncenter" width="745"] This Pipeline shows various stages of a sales cycle for prospects.[/caption]

Click here to watch our 50 second demo video to learn more about Pipelines.

Our Pipelines tool allows you to visualize your deals from open to close according to your customized phases. And it shows which deals may be falling through the cracks. By assigning values to deals, Contactually also aggregates the current value of your pipeline and shows which deals are won or lost.

In keeping with our core follow-up feature, Pipelines will show you if your deal is going cold by marking it visually. Multiple contacts can be assigned to each deal, which more accurately mimics the realities of large deals today.

Create multiple stages for each Pipeline and share it with your team.

We are especially excited about the ability to share deals and pipelines across your professional team. This will allow colleagues to better collaborate and see, at a cursory glance, which deals are in what phase and which deals need extra attention to successfully close.

For professionals with different products or services, Pipelines offers the ability to template and show multiple pipelines. This is very powerful across teams by showing pipelines for sales, business development, project management and more. Additionally, Pipelines can be broken down according to individuals on a team. This allows a manager to better understand performance and provide assistance when needed.

Pipelines is available today to all trialing, Small Business and Enterprise users. Existing starter and Premium users that wish to use Pipelines can upgrade their accounts in their Plans Settings to use this powerful tool.

Interested in learning more and seeing Pipelines in action? Click here to watch our 50 second demo video.