August 20, 2012

Announcing Contactually's integration with Pipedrive!


At Contactually, we constantly collect feedback from our users in order to improve our product and decide which features to build next. We already know that Contactually is great for automatically capturing, organizing, and strengthening your professional relationships. Many Contactually users also rely on Pipedrive, a sales pipeline management software solution, to easily track their deals. Today, we're excited and proud to announce Contactually's integration with Pipedrive, creating an unstoppable sales generating tool by making sure that you always follow up with your deals!


Just by managing your contacts normally in Contactually, you will be able to manage your overall Pipedrive sales pipeline and keep it up to date. When you assign a contact to a bucket that links to a stage in Pipedrive, you ensure that the contact will stay updated. Then, you can share contacts in that bucket with your team members for easy visibility and collaboration.

Our bidirectional integration with Pipedrive makes it so that whenever you add a new deal to a stage, that contact will automatically be placed into the correct Contactually bucket. Likewise, if you change a contact's bucket, their deal will appear in the appropriate stage in Pipedrive. With the powers of Contactually and Pipedrive combined, you'll stay connected with contacts in every stage of your sales pipeline.

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Follow the instructions below to connect your Pipedrive and Contactually accounts. If you'd like more detailed information on this process, click here.

Also, check out what Pipedrive has to say about our new integration on their blog!


    • Log in to Pipedrive. Click on Settings, and then on the API tab. Or, click here.

    • Copy the API token. If you don't know what this is, look for a long string of letters and numbers.

    • Log in to Contactually. Then, go to Settings and click on Integrations. Or, click here.

    • Click Connect next to Pipedrive, and paste in your API token.

    • Click on Buckets at the top of the screen.

    • Click on the Quick Edit (pencil) icon next to one of the buckets you wish to connect to Pipedrive.

    • You should see a new section for Pipedrive, with a drop-down menu. Select the stage in Pipedrive with which you'd like to connect the bucket.