August 14, 2012

Announcing brand new contact pages!


Form or function? When we redesigned our new contact pages, we strived for both. We sifted through a ton of feedback from our users and our team members, and came up with this redesign. We think it looks pretty awesome.

A few things that we really focused on were tags, (a way for users to further categorize contacts), tasks, and making sure there was a clear delineation between interactions and consumption.

    1. Tags - We admit that we may not have done a great job getting the tagging feature in front of users that may have a use for it. Going forward, tags will be easily accessible. The best way to think of tags is as a set of sub-buckets.

    1. Divide of information - Form and function. There's a separate place for interacting with and viewing content, cleaning up the page and making it easier to know where things are.

    1. The "Follow Up" button - The button will glow blue when it's time for a follow up when looking at a contact's profile page. It's a subtle change, but we feel that it'll be supremely helpful.

    1. Adding/removing email addresses - We realized that adding or removing email addresses for a contact was not easy nor intuitive. But you needn't worry, as we've changed that. Clicking on "Edit" will allow you to edit any of the contact info provided for a contact. Now, it's that simple.

Other smaller additions:

    • Scrolling behaviors - Just try it!

    • Team updates - We've gone in and updated team functionality to make it more clear who else on your team is connected to this contact and whose interactions you're seeing.

    • We've touched up a few more things here and there, and we can't wait for you to find them!

We could write about our new contact page all day, but we think it's best to experience it for yourself. It's now live in your accounts, and you can check out the video demo below!