December 12, 2014

The Airing of Grievances and a Free Year of Contactually


If you were paying any attention last week (and I'm sure you were) you found out about Contactually's Festivus celebration and giveaway. We're celebrating this fantastic holiday for everyone by giving you the opportunity to win Contactually free for all of 2015.

Try Contactually this December

All December, we're celebrating the Festivus for the rest of us and we want to celebrate it with you, the people waiting to try out Contactually.

Festivus is a non-denominational holiday marked by a festive aluminum pole, a dinner, the airing of grievances, and even feats of strength.

This week, take some time to start writing down your grievances. You'll have the opportunity to share these at the Festivus dinner and you want to make sure that you cover all of the bases. Remember when your Aunt Mildred posted that ridiculous Facebook status? Remember when your nephew broke your favorite watch? Get it all out...

To celebrate Festivus we're giving away one free year of Contactually. If you sign up for the trial by the end of December you'll automatically be entered into the drawing to win.

It's almost a new year and time to revitalize your client relationship management.