June 15, 2017

How Adding Relational Value Can Build Your Business, with Derek Coburn


When you can add relational value to the people in your circle you discover doors open for you like never before. Derek Coburn is one of the people I've noticed adding true relational value to the lives of his clients and others he meets. He's become so convinced that is the best way to build a personal and business network that he's begun his own organization to host events that bring people together and add value to their lives.

You can hear Derek's philosophy of how networking was not working, what he did to change the model, and the incredible results he's had as a result - it's all on this episode of Real Relationships.

Why you need to be of greater value to your clients than the service you do.

Many business owners provide a service or product to their clients, which means the reality they need to accept is that they are very much a commodity to their clients or customers. That means the moment a similar product or service comes along that offers a lower price or new bell or whistle, you could become expendable. How do you change that? By adding relational value to your clients and customers - by building relationships with them that matter. On this episode, Derek Coburn tells us how he's done that and how impacting and powerful it's become in his life and in the lives of the many people he's been able to connect with others over the years.

The core of great relationships is the feeling people have toward you.

Long-term, successful businesses are built on relationships. And you build the relationships by adding value to them, by providing things, experiences, resources, introductions to your clients that go far beyond what you actually do for them. That way you become a valuable resource, a go-to person who connects them with things that are truly helpful to them. They value you because they value what you add to their lives - and that's a feeling they have about YOU. You can learn how to think about this relational value approach to networking from Derek Coburn, a master networker, author, and financial advisor, on this episode.

In a commodity type business, you need to provide more than just your commodity.

Once you recognize that business with your regular clients could be at risk simply because they might see you as nothing more than a commodity, it's time for you to begin making a bigger impact in their lives - and that comes through adding relational value to them. You need to figure out the ways you can add incredible value to them, beyond what a normal "company" or service provider might do. It's the best way to stand apart from your competition and ensure that your clients never WANT to leave you. Find out how from Derek Coburn, on this episode.

If you want to build a relationship with someone influential, you'd better be thoughtful about it.

One of the best things you can do for your existing clients and customers is to introduce them to people you know that they need to know. But that requires that you are continually building relationships with influencers and high profile people who can truly BE an asset to your clients. On this episode of Real Relationships, Derek Coburn gives his advice about how to go about reaching out to the busy people you want to meet - and how to do it the smart way. You don't want to miss it.

Outline of this great episode

    • [0:34] My introduction of Derek Coburn and why he's on this episode of Real Relationships.

    • [1:30] The events that led up to Derek writing his book.

    • [5:35] Why you need to be of greater value to your clients than the service you do.

    • [7:30] How Derek's new ways of networking grew his business during the economic downturn.

    • [11:45] Leveraging events to introduce clients to influencers and open doors to new relationships.

    • [13:04] The exact things Derek did to help his clients and build his network.

    • [18:10] The difference between success and failure in networking events.

    • [23:50] Being of service to your clients in ways unrelated to what you do.

    • [27:22] Derek's regular approach to maintaining relationships.

    • [35:20] The most non-obvious but important activity to building real relationships.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

    • Derek(at)DerekCoburn(dot)com