November 17, 2014

We've Added Notifications to Contactually -- Here's How They Work

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Contactually -- now with helpful notifications!

Nobody likes not knowing what's going on, especially since modern web and mobile applications have trained us to expect little red numbers or drop-down messages every time someone so much as posts a picture.

So while notifications can be overdone, they're also an important part of staying connected, which is what Contactually is all about. That's why we've (a) added notifications to Contactually, and (b) tried to do so in a way that works the way you'd expect, with no funny business.

Why have added Notifications to Contactually and How they work.

Contactually notifications are easy to find without being overly intrusive -- you'll find them in the top navigation bar, right next to your profile image. When something happens that triggers one, you'll see a little badge next to your picture, marked with the number of notifications.

See the little bell in the top right corner? YOU'VE GOT AN ALERT!!!

Click the badge, and you'll see them all. Once you've seen them, the badge goes away. Done!

We didn't want to overwhelm people with a bunch of information they don't care about, so we're keeping notifications pretty simple for now. You'll only get them in two scenarios :

    • Something is wrong on our end. If something like Contactually's search functionality becomes temporarily unavailable, you'll get a notification. When we fix it, the notification will go away. (You can also check our status page to see what's going on at any point.)

    • We can't connect to an email or social account. If we can't receive information from any of your email accounts, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn at any point, we'll trigger a notification. This could be because something is wrong at the account provider's end, or because your password changed or you need to re-authenticate for some reason. To fix it, just click on the notification, and we'll take you to a page where you can reconnect your account.

What's coming next.

For now, notifications are pretty simple -- but we're putting a lot of thought into how they could make Contactually more useful. Some of our ideas include using them to surface events and information inside your account that you might otherwise miss, like :

  • a scheduled email has been delivered

  • a team member has assigned a contact to you

  • a team member has added contacts to a shared bucket

  • a steps from one of your programs has been executed

  • we've added a new features

We want notifications to give you a better sense of what's going on in your network, so you feel more connected, more engaged, and less frustrated. With that in mind, what else could we do with notifications to make Contactually better? Let us know!